Do not you know? Then welcome to the post. How many realize it is not about our website, all the rest, I hope, will be interesting to see what a lot of play in the dashing 90-s.

The essence of the game and the story: they "weave", "Caps" (from the English. - Caps). It has been popular since the mid 90's and has some popularity in our days. In addition to the game, it was possible to collect the chips, which in turn gave impetus to play more (and to the extent possible - successfully).

At different times and in different places selling chips vserazlichnye variation having, though, about the same topics: popular movies / cartoons, superheroes, monsters, and similar objects of adoration of the younger generation. Some of the series, thousands of them:
Directly «caps», the first series with no particular theme rendomnymi images;
SOTKA - also support the original Fine Arts.
Comics and movies: Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Lucky LucK, POG, Batman and others.
"Golda» (Gold) - chips with multi-colored shiny surface and okolofenteziynymi pictures (dragons, skeletons, wolves and other goteka) chips fluorescent, glow in the dark green, "perelivashki" with different animation;
Pokemon with a bunch of variations. There were popular during the craze shkoloty on the eponymous TV series (2000-2001 year).
Harry Potter. As with Pokémon, at the peak of popularity bespectacled quoted wildest. It got to the course 1 Harry Potter = 16 Pokémon in some yards with the same value at the kiosks.
Chips-july. In the center of chips (usually a "flying" with notches on the edges) were special holes where to insert the rod phillips. After that, the chips simultaneously unwound to any non-defective surface. The goal was to bring down his chips to another.
Athletes' gonochki "Pacanskaya motorcycles and other topics;
"Flying" chips - made of plastic, on the sides there are small recesses, with which chips can run in free flight. Especially brought chips on Mortal Kombat Fatality theme with the image of one or another character.
Erotica - chips with bare aunts, often - with washable with water / saliva clothing that gave beginners Pron, allowing "to undress the girls." The advantages are obvious - in addition to games, you can posozertsat fine.
There were homemade, not less valuable pieces - even sell the corresponding blank stickers, or pictures drawn by yourself. Particularly gave cover to get a piece of cardboard by cutting out the plastic bag (or film) or mother's hairspray - that chips shone like new.
Chupa-chups and other chip-to-appendage. Valued enough.

Sometimes a set of chips annexed bit - similar in form of weighted plastic (or metal, particularly quoted) whipping device stack add-on.

Area: hard and smooth surface, usually a school desk or the floor in the classroom. However, it was possible to play in the street, especially the plastic chips.
Number of participants: two or three, can be more (7-8), although this is not common.
The two main game modes:
With the bat. In this case, the players stacked chips in a stack and queue them beat the bat. Overturned after hitting the "face up" chips marred takes himself. Precipitated from the stack, but not turned over the chips, put back.
Without bits. In this case, the throw itself a stack of chips "face up." Chips overturned after hitting the floor / desk / other, player takes. Do not throw the chips turned over on, until all the chips will not be won.
At stake is not only possible to put one chip, but several, sometimes by absurd reached 10-15 chip from one participant, though very rarely. The order of the cast is determined by lot - most often, a standard "rock-paper-scissors." Alternative clarification about the course: each player throws (hits) a piece, then comes the separation of players into two groups, those who have turned counter and losers. Each group was the second round and so on to determine the overall prioritization. Sometimes it was forbidden in the game "without bits" to throw a stack of chips if it was lower in plastic - certainly had to put cardboard.
Sometimes it was necessary to agree on the mode of the game - "noisy" or "without hindrance." In the first case, the chips bounced off the hands of players \ fell to the ground \ add their own, were not included and had to jibe again. The second regime there was a curious cheatcode, which, however, was acting solely on mladsheklassnikov (since the other could get neillyuzorno pussies @) - should have just put chips on the reverse side of a hand and turn. WIN!
Each chip has its own value - one "valuable" piece, exhibited a player, the others have to put on some "ordinary". The idea is that the dignity of individual chips is indicated on the back side, but it has traditionally put the bolt. However, its own rules yet invented, one new feature could cost two bruising / shabby (as the "Caps" are mostly cardboard, and the people played a month), "pokemonskie" chips during fierce faggotrii were clearly more valuable than usual, and only for " flying "items, especially rare in the province, could room and the price of a dozen simple" Caps ».
At the beginning of zero in some schools place chips used real in circulation coins from 10 cents to 5 rubles + especially quoted the 10-ruble commemorative coin that sometimes, because of their rarity, is exchanged at the rate of 11 normal rubles for one, and even more. The rules are the same as in chips without bits, but overturned tails up coins had repeatedly beat: take one, herachit eagle on the floor up, turn over if - to take away. For one player could change squander 50-100 rubles, or (less often) the same number to win. Of course, these games do not pedsostav encouraged (see. Disadvantages).
In some areas of the country chips equated with wealth and medium of exchange. In view of the value of the object around the chips can flow almost OPG that could rob the Korowai and then divide the spoils, that's all changing, removing profit and go to the other success. There have also been documented cases of scam when Anonymous freelancer could "borrow" to take Lohan chips and play with it to them under the pretext of the "do not ssy, I will give the same." As a result, the Loch losing, for example, two chips received from the debtor two previously cast their own. Then, when the debt was issued, it had only to merge all his wealth in his pocket. Thus, the chips can be obtained without their audio! Then, I pissed away all the fool bellowed, knelt and asked to give their possessions. Such cases.
The ability to have a good time at recess.
The lack of injuries (sometimes the game ends broken noses).
It could simultaneously be engaged in collecting.
Gambling, though without money bets (with the attendant as muhlezh, srachi, batthёrt about major losses, and so on. D.).
Teachers, and especially school guard did not like this game (see. Previous fault). Duty as scholars granted an opportunity by force've stole all of the chips from the heat of the younger shkoloty under the convenient pretext guidance "constitutional order».
Pokemon zombiruyut your mosk! We are all going to die!
Addiction to these pindosskie your chips, poison Mosk, the body, mind and soul, because the chips are extracted from forbidding packs during the big change.

You can also vary the post, recalling what we were doing in the absence of computers and gadgets.
All good mood!



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