Know-how of the builders: ventilated facades, floating floors and other things that though stand, though fall!

Talent these professionals clearly hold - masons and finishers from God. Beware, there is an increased amount of photos, where the textures obvious problems! < Website shows the know-how of the builders, which very few people come to mind ... and these guys came!

Here is the floating floors

Photo source: Fishki.netAntigribkovye technology with an additional airing

A started for the health ...

When started with the graphics
problems in our reality

beats and textures so that it becomes a shame

Excellent ramps

Invisible balconies

polrozetki enough and if you want to only 110 volts 54,285,110

Truboskameyka for those who are not afraid of difficulties 70,198,141

Water cooling for split systems

Protivookonnye system

Stair blockers

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Emergency exit

When an employee hates perfectionists

Dual pen

< br> From the "welcome here"

new kind of plaster - "as is"

remaining tape strengthen ...

Yet two parallel lines intersect

Paving a new generation

Window reverse acting system



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