Vietnamese "fair love"

Each year in Vietnam held an unusual holiday called "Fair Love". People from diverse and even the most remote provinces of Vietnam come to the village called Hau Wai. The main objective of "fair love", which is held here for 90 years - allow single people to find their soul mate. Young people seeking first love, adults - a companion to the sunset of life.

Hau Wai village located 500 kilometers from Hanoi in the mountains of northern Vietnam, near the border with China. And now, nearly a century here in the spring attracts thousands of Vietnamese to visit the "fair love". (REUTERS / Kham)

According to legend, the beginning of the fair on the story of forbidden love. In 1919, Hau Wai met a boy and a girl from the neighboring tribes. Despite the strength of feelings, love can not be together because they belonged to different tribes, among which constantly had bloody clashes. Then, the couple decided to meet only once a year on the ground of his acquaintance - in Hau Wai. (REUTERS / Kham)

Real love Hau Wai takes place every year on the 26th day of the third lunar month. This year, this day fell on May 9-10. The picture shows the girl ethnic H'mong. (REUTERS / Kham)

A spokeswoman for the San Chi talking on the phone at the fair in Hau Wai May 9, 2010. (REUTERS / Kham)


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