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I do not pretend to be an expert - all information obtained from our Vietnamese guide or from the internet.
It is very difficult to reduce the number of photos you want to share, to a more or less acceptable, so he rest, beauty and beauty will be in the next post

This Nha Trang. The most popular holiday destination in Vietnam. Just 5 years ago, there were no huge hotels and crowds of Russian tourists, and the locals had to be explained on the fingers. And 100 years ago this was not the city itself. Only a small village, spontaneously formed around the home of the French bacteriologist Alexandre Yersin. In one version of Nha Trang (White House) is named after him. On the waterfront is a monument to bacteriology.

At the entrance to the city, along the bay and on the banks of the river, the fishermen live. Now fishing is very profitable - a lot of tourists come to restaurants to eat exotic sea. on basins check nychki with oysters, and maybe even some animals. floats - all along the coast. can someone tell me - why all boats blue and red?




guys are preparing for tomorrow's fishing



10. something to catch -)

11. Some boats do not bother

12 and some of them live right on the water -)


14. The return to land the residents. outskirts of Nha Trang - tourists do not wander here. Well, just like us -)


16. locals -)

17. and that the average "urban" home.

18.nalog charged depending on the width of the house. Therefore, the width of the facade usually standard - 3-4 meters.

19. there are very greedy Vietnamese -)

21. As usually on the first floor there is a workroom or garage. some combine.
If you stroll in the evening through the narrow streets in the depths of Nha-Trang, places where tourists do not go, you can see how the Vietnamese spend their evenings - there on the ground floor living room, with the door open just as if they were shopping. that is, the front wall is not at all. as such there are people on the sofa watching telly, dinner.

22. Beauty Salon -)

23. A sports bar?

24. someone combines an office with parking.

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to "tour" drove through the suburbs in the middle of the working day -)

= sidewalk parking. foot then go no further than 20 meters. traffic lights do not bother, transitions, too. crossroads - separate attraction. probably all about scooters have long been know everything, but I will lay out a few videos for clarity =)

26. And now - most interesting -)
This cottage on the salt plantations.

27.kvadraty filled with sea water and under the sun, it evaporates. We currently nagrebli bag of sea salt -)


29. house - chicken coop.

31 chickens here, too peculiar. I doubt that one cook soup.

32 and this is another "hen house" in the courtyard of a house.

33. The middle of the day, the guys have fun.


35. but not all of these bloodthirsty. this scene we saw from the window of the hotel. early in the morning in the area Stalte men flock to the cells, put them in a pile and took their seats circle on stools from a nearby cafe.

36. sit, watching. from time to time someone gets up and rearranges the cell sites.

37. The next day set design ...

in fact it is "talking" birds and bring them here so that they communicate with each other. bird chatter record did not work, but they say the Vietnamese - quacking and meow.
what is interesting - but where are the ladies? Did they do not care to communicate the birds? on the subject found only Old pro terry matriarchy in Vietnam. Maybe men are so restore their mental health? -)

38. During the tour we were taken to the oldest house - I did not understand - all over Vietnam or in the area.

39. nothing special - the altar, shop, mushrooms ...

40. But a veranda with tables like. Cut all the mistress of her husband store.




44. Find the cat -)

45. drove past the school.

46. ​​and past administrations -)

47 on the same tour, we looked at how women make hats

48. and mats

49. do your

50 and the house looked. asketichnenko live.

51. in this family make coffee. fried and packaged. behind the fence a few houses, a large courtyard, in a courtyard - corporate van.

52. looks like a profitable business.

53. The courtyard between the operating room and kitchen.



56. invited the kitchen podegustirovat. the coffee is delicious.

57. The owners travel a lot - on the walls of family photos from different countries.

58. The baby is sleeping. drinking coffee is very quiet -)

59. Yes, parking bikes here, too, do not bother.

Well, as without temples -) is in Nha Trang and the ancient pagoda, and a Catholic cathedral ... and this - Pagoda Chua Long Son, is at the center of the city, never old, but popular with local tourists and beggars, and her great view of the city.


62. Buddha on top of a hill above the temple. quite straight from the tin. as it should be - it is sitting on a lotus. surrounded by burning monks. in 1963, local monks burned themselves alive.

63. You can get into the room under the ass of the Buddha and the monks see the scenes on the walls, as well as the stem of this lotus that grows out of the back a little, but very strong bug.


65. under a tree next to the klabischem - small stables. We arrived just in the midst mark the new year.

66 more horses on the altar at the pagoda in the mountains.

67. tourists wander too rare. uphill stairs high and long, but worth it.

68 view of the rice fields



71. there is growing breadfruit. taste - sugary sweet abomination.

72. Another straight from the tin Buddha road.

73. The building is going full swing and all around.

74. And we were entertained with songs guide the way to the island of orchids ... but this is - is another story.

And finally, a great Vietnamese moon -)


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