Strong photos

Photographers can do something that transcends any cameraman, artist or journalist: capture those split seconds that can shake or turn it around the world. Grief, loss, pain, compassion and the triumph of the human spirit. A selection of photographs by strong emotional impact. Surgeon after successful heart transplant surgery, which lasted 23 hours. In the corner of his assistant asleep.

Father of the deceased son, at the memorial of 9/11 during the tenth annual ceremonies at the World Trade Center.

Three sisters, three "segment" of time, three photos.

Russian veteran who went through the Great Patriotic War, on the same tank.

Jesse Owens XI Summer Olympics held in Berlin from 1 to 16 August 1936. Hitler used the games as a propaganda tool. The opening of the Olympic Games for the first time was televised live, Olympic competitions became material for the film Leni Riefenstahl "Olympia". However, the Nazis could not control the results of games. And 4 gold medals American black athlete Jesse Owens cool questioned Hitler's theory of racial superiority.

Flooding in Greece. Photo girl trapped in a strong stream of water.

Dog of the deceased military lies in his coffin at the funeral in Rockford, Iowa.

Father and son: 1949 and 2009.

Photo "The explosion of joy" Glory buckets is the winner of the Pulitzer Prize. The photograph was taken March 17, 1973 at the military base and Travis became a symbol of the end of the Vietnam War. In the frame of Lt. Col. Robert L. Stirm meets with his family after five years of captivity in North Vietnam.

The priest Luis Padilla and soldiers, wounded sniper fire during an uprising in Venezuela.

Wall in the gas chambers of Auschwitz.

Prisoner of World War II, the Soviet Union released, reunited with his daughter. The child sees his father for the first time ...

The Sudanese People's Liberation Army soldiers.

Soldiers preparing for battle.

Gravestones female Catholic and Protestant her husband, The Netherlands, 1888.

When the "New York Times" was released with the title "The disaster on the Titanic" - it was a sensation because it was considered unsinkable ship. The rest of the paper, based on the information shipbuilding company "White Star Line" talked about "some problems after hitting an iceberg." Parfett week, 15-year-old boy in the photograph, the newspaper sells near Oceanic House, which houses the office of "White Star Line".

Nord-Ost 23 October 2002. Although the presence of the press at the scene was limited, Sunday Telegraph photographer Justin Sutcliffe managed to take a picture of women's liberation, was unconscious on the bus immediately after the storming of the theater center.

Twelve-year-Brazilian boy playing the violin at the funeral of his father.

An elderly Afghan soldier serves tea.

Riots and violence on the streets of Bangkok, Thailand, in October 1976.

Iconic photograph of an unknown rebel who was standing in front of a column of Chinese tanks in an act of defiance during the protests in Tiananmen Square 1989.

"Death in Dhaka." Lynching hosted Bangladesh Liberation Army over people who, during the country's struggle for independence took the side of Pakistan, 1971.

Builder Jason Oglesby is trying to save the woman had fallen into the river near the dam Des Moines, Iowa, USA.

French civilians at the entrance of the Nazis in Paris during the Second World War.

Journalists Yong Lee and Laura Ling, who were arrested in North Korea and sentenced to hard labor for 12 years, reunited with their families in California. After a successful diplomatic intervention.

Kezban Lakes found her five children dead after the devastating earthquake in Koynoren, eastern Turkey, October 30, 1983.

Headlines after November 22, 1963 goda.Snimok was taken in train to Stamford, Connecticut, the day after the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

January 10, 2012 Jerusalem fell to heavy snowfall over the past 20 years.

Ajim Shelu, 2 years old, is passed through the barbed wire fence in the hands of his grandparents in the camp Kosivka Refugees run UAE in Albania.

Helen Fisher kisses the hearse carrying the body of her 20-year-old cousin, Private Douglas Halliday.

The monk next to an elderly man who died suddenly, waiting for the train in Taiyuan, Shanxi, China.

John F. Kennedy Jr. welcomed his father's coffin.

Tsunami in Japan.

Photo taken October 1, 1940 in New Westminster, Canada. The five-year Warren "Whitey" Bernard ran away from his mother to his father, an ordinary Jack Bernard, with a cry of "Wait for me, Dad."

Five children rescued from an 8-day imprisonment under the rubble caused by the earthquake in Haiti.

Firefighter gives water koala during the devastating Black Saturday - a large-scale forest fires in Victoria, Australia.

Vietnamese family wades the river to escape the American aerial bombardment, in September 1965.

Greg Cook hugs his lost dog after she was found. Alabama Tornado after March 2012.

Starving boy and a missionary.

Meet Terry Gerrola with her daughter after serving in Iraq for 7 months.

Vittlz Harold (Harold Whittles) hears for the first time after the doctor gave him a hearing aid.

"The Power of Flowers" - a famous photograph of Bernie Boston, made during a protest against the war in 1967.

Couple hugging under the rubble of the destroyed plant.

Mare lighthouse in France. The lighthouse is located on the high seas. Storm beating of a lighthouse, reaches a height of 8-storey building.

Alvaro Munera (Alvaro Munera), who unexpectedly realized the cruelty of bullfighting.

Krichayschy man ... He looks family album, which is found in the rubble of their old house after an earthquake in Sichuan.

Eight-year Christian receives a flag during a memorial service for his father, who was killed on patrol in Iraq, just a few weeks before he was due to return home.



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