If a woman conceals his soul - it does not give the man any chance

I saw die worlds. Always in the same way. If a woman conceals her soul - she does not give a man no chance to love yourself. It ceases to be an object of love and becomes the object of desire. Females.

If a woman feels her soul - she can not understand where she was, with whom, and why? And then inevitably becomes a peddler fetish, slave of social advertising, offering female fetish standards. Successful trading - a good production

. Even the most savage and dark men need to someone to pray, even though they do not understand it. They want to see the divine in women, whereas the divine awakens in men. Love makes a man humble, live, real. If a certain man to fall in love - what he do in this world ?!

What is it to live in a world where there is no love? It is very cold to live. I want to fire. In sex there is no fire. Fire - it's not alchemy bodies. This alchemy of souls. The man himself can not understand - why it does not ignite. He's then also out of tune with his soul.

Women have a lesson and no fire - the continuation of life. In order to cope with this task do not need to feel the soul. Nature does everything by herself. Pulls someone, someone pushes. And then a man feels that he has done, gave his seed, but the woman still wants something. She sees a man extinguished a thankless creature.

After all, it is to be with him, hidden and betrayed the most valuable thing that it is, his soul. I tucked it away somewhere. Instinctively fetish has placed traps. She feels that the man she really should for that sacrifice he was "ungrateful bastard." And he himself does not know what is wrong. In his eyes, a silent question: "Who is your soul?" And she, too, does not know what is wrong. Hear my soul is not taught in the institutes.

There is an expression - female homemakers. Keep the focus - this is not soup to cook, and do not go on shaping. Keep the focus - be it your soul and know who she was. And if a female soul has left this man, it is assumed that the fire was extinguished. Otherwise, he would feel ungrateful idiot without guilt guilty. After all, he knows that something is wrong.

After all, the men say, "My soul!" And if the soul is not it, what to do next with this woman? To save her from the children's fears, to keep the fetish sex and to provide services? From all my experiences - men never go nowhere. Leaves are always female. Or rather her soul. You can argue with that, we can agree. Argue with the soul - the same as with God. After all, it is his fire.

If the world a little fire. In men, a lot of anguish. They serve no one, no one to pray. What do they do here? To love God is in heaven, to love each other, love, statue, like Pygmalion? Or no one to love, to accept the role of the male primate and monkey play games? Or even easier to become a male dog and run for bitches? Or maybe even come up with some kind of game for the animals or soulless dolls?

Why this article is addressed to more than women? Women shall be secret, the men clear. Women latent, manifest to men. Men explicitly rule this world, women secretly. Article recourse to secret government.

When the fire quite a few men of great desire to destroy this world. Burn him, blow destroy. To self-destruct. So die worlds.

Do you have a chance to enroll men in the world to another, where women hide their soul? Of course have. In other worlds would be burned like candles Bengal.

The soul of this planet is always open for love of man. Always open.

Here is a quote from the translation of Alexander Castaneda Kuvshinov. "Love Genaro - is this world, - said Don Juan - He just embraced this vast land, but because it is so small, everything but can do is just to swim in it. But the earth knows but loves her and cares for him. That's why Genaro life filled to the brim, and his feeling, wherever he may be, will be saturated.

Genaro roams the paths of his love, and wherever it was, it feels solid ... Only if you love this earth with unbending passion, can be free from sorrow. A warrior is always cheerful, because his love is unchangeable, and the object of his love - earth - hugging him and showered him with unimaginable gifts. The sadness belongs only to those who hate the very thing that gives shelter to all its creatures. »

How to grasp the essence of women's game? Maybe the women of this world right. Maybe they talk to men: "Do not chase after my fetish. Not hunting for my soul. Falling in love with this land first. Light your fire by her candle. And then you all and get ... »

Who will understand them, these mysterious women ...

Author: Vyacheslav Gusev


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