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The most dangerous animal is not a crocodile, not a bear, a hippo. Animal with unstable mentality, he always mereschetsya danger. The picture hippopotamus chasing a forester, is a familiar sight in Africa. If the 3-ton hippo catch up with his person that is likely to happen, it would kill him ...

14 photo.

The moment a nuclear explosion, the rate of crushing power. The epicenter of the nuclear explosion was at a distance of about a kilometer from the house. Between the first and last frame took 2, 66 seconds. It is an excellent deterrent for our Western "friends."

Martian crater in the form of a smiley was photographed in the late '70s, the American aircraft Viking Orbiter. The diameter of the "smiley" - 230 kilometers. Perhaps aliens exist)

This is one of the many variants of Vietnamese martial traps (Booby Traps). American soldiers in a hole by its own weight to turn themselves in tasty minced meat. Perhaps under the trap it is a Vietnamese eatery, who knows ...

Transparent balcony on the 103 floor skyscraper Sears Tower in Chicago, the main thing here is not to impose bricks))

Historic photos, no one could explain what it depicted, and what is in this large wheelchair ...

Popular beer in Africa, containing 28% alcohol for export ... why is not done, perhaps a method of manufacturing unsanitary ...

The skeleton of the largest dinosaur was found in 2007 in Argentina. 32-meter-long herbivore dinosaur - 9-storey house, Futalognkosaurus dukei lived about 80 million years ago during the Cretaceous period. Its weight is 70-80 tons.

The longest limousine in the world - 30 and a half meters. The car is equipped with 26 wheels and two cabins (one in front and another behind), and probably goes in a straight line))

The owner of the waist in the world of 38, 1 cm, is retired from the United States seventy Cathy Young. Up to 28 years old gave birth to 2 of their children, and then began to wear corsets. Who takes off the corset only 30 minutes.

The biggest breasts in the world belongs to a Chinese woman Ting Hiafen each of her breasts weighs 10 kilograms, and hangs on the 48 cm., Because of such huge breasts, she feels a lot of inconvenience.



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