Masking in the nature 2

I have already done a post about masking in the animal world. It can be seen here. This time I found even more amazing creatures.

1. In its clumsy attempt to hide from predators, satanic listohvosty gecko Madagascar pretended listom.

2. Well, there's certainly no one is hiding! This assertion is fundamentally veno: lurking on the leaves mimic frog! National Park Amacayacu. Kolumbiya.

3. It is almost impossible to notice entrenched in an ambush moss spider. National Park Erawan, Tailand.

4. Color Spotted senddaba (speckled sanddab) blends perfectly with a pebbly bottom of the Pacific okeana.

5. Slow desert sendhupper (sandhopper) could become easy prey for any predator, if not one "but" ... his natural camouflage so perfectly blends with the grain of red sand, that it simply can not be seen on the background of its habitat obitaniya. < br />
6. The perfect complement to a bouquet of orchids will be living on these flowers buds orchidaceous bogomol.

7. Walking through the picturesque forest reserve San Cipriano, carefully look at the ground, otherwise you risk to crush a few hundred hidden in fallen leaves of deciduous kuznechikov.

8. dozed off in an ambush snow leopard hardly anything today to catch. Himalayas. Respect to those who notice it in the first 5 seconds)).

9. When the butterfly Kallima sit on a branch, then fold their wings and take the form of withered leaves. Southeast Aziya.

10. A small fish Phyllopteryx eques, belonging to the group of seahorses, the body has a plurality of filamentous and ribbon-like outgrowths, which gives it similarities with algae, in which it obitaet.

11. Insect species Phyllocrania paradoxa take shape and color of the leaves of the trees on which they zhivut.

12. None of the predator can not detect the peppered moth sitting on a mossy stone!

13. Incredible ability to also exhibit mimicry and caterpillar moth, skillfully blending with the bark or leaves. GA, SSHA.

13. Atlantic flounder disguised so long that it is almost impossible to see in the background of the sea dna.

14. The greatest master of disguise in the National Park Montagne dAmbre (Madagascar) is considered to be mossy Laticauda gecko, which literally become one with the tree bark was chosen by them dereva.

15. to hide from predators grasshopper Katydid helps his natural camouflage, exactly in exactly repeating the color surrounding the insect protection. Inhabits this lovely creation in Costa Rike.

16. Deciduous frog disguised as fallen leaves, waiting for her to dinner charge at fly pozhirnee.

17. The Vietnamese mossy frog perfectly adapted to its environment sredu.

18. See the hunting giant forest nightjar is almost impossible. Braziliya.

19. A couple of glass frogs hiding in the foliage of the National Park of Manu (Peru) .

20. If you decide to go diving near the island of Malpelo (Malpelo), it would not be able to see lurking in the rocks mottled fish-skorpiona.

21. Here precisely who is hiding! Exactly! This list was chosen mango caterpillar butterfly ordinary Baron (Euthalia aconthea). Malayziya.

22. Do not come near! It may well be that attracted your attention to something - a hungry grizzly bear. North Amerika.

23. Stick Insects disguised as his place of residence and merge with it - become one with the tree or shrub which zhivut.

And finally some pictures of the same subject)).


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