To go where you want to go even if no one was around...

One of the aspects of man's way is humility. The corresponding feminine aspect is trust. Many of men's religions teach the opposite. Men should trust women to accept.

The paradox is that a woman be humble it's impossible that she is sitting quietly does not mean that it is not born inside a whirlwind. I remember the beautiful wonderful work, my favorite master Steve Sutter. Him order said the woman.


She told the following story. Her husband is all provided, nothing denied, were on hand. "Don't worry about anything — he said, — you're for me "like a stone wall". Once they went on the road with her husband — and suddenly popped up from the corner truck. Husband only had to put the car so that the blow fell on him. He was torn to shreds, and the woman and the child did not hurt.

In the client ordering the woman wanted to understand one thing, what is the force driving the truck? And Steve's work with all the simplicity and ruthlessness showed, the truck managed not adopted the power of this woman.

Don't stand in the way of women's realization nor flowers, nor love, nor palaces and castles. As a friend of mine says: "KAMAZ chest wider."

It usually happens in this world. One man punched the other, and the woman like to do with it. In this story the essence of all armed conflicts on this planet. Wise peoples or organize a Brazilian carnival, or the night of Ivan Kupala — or else expect war. No matter how this war is called the plague or revolution. The woman is the Muse in essence — she inspires a man — this whole world.

If you do enough of the first example, I can tell you the second. The story from my mom. Her acquaintance with a friend going to the theater. They wore evening dresses made of hair. And the husband woke up jealousy and a desire for obedience. He reminded his wife that she was going to cook the dumplings. She had a friend to turn the sheets so as not to remove dresses and sculpt dumplings. In the theatre they had. But when I came back, found at the entrance of the ambulance. Her husband was poisoned dumplings. Dumplings naturally in the study took. Of course in the lab found nothing. Dumplings as the dumplings. Just charged. The fact that the woman is inferior and stupid brute force — does not mean that she submits. In her nature the desire to move, to dance, and not to humility. In the battle of the sexes women are not weaker. Their weapons are less obvious. How can you not remember a post from the Internet: "do You pray before eating? What are you, my wife is a good cook."

In all these examples, the woman is not to blame. If it is born a whirlwind — he is born. When my daughters were hysterical — I hugged her, comforted and said: "it's All right, it's part of your nature." Don't want tantrums sing and dance when It starts. If you can...

I hope these examples are enough to see that a woman can not walk in the path of humility. The fact that women do it just causes certain social processes to which women like have no relationship. The woman should either block his communications with Earth, to be half dead — then she is docile, or to continue to give this world free energy.

Women's way — the way of trust. First and foremost nature. Women's nature is not evil. That grass that breaks the asphalt, the grass is not to blame. Not my fault the asphalt. Just grass wants to live and give life.

If a woman trusts his nature — it is easy to trust the World and to man, including. In this case, she quickly discovers that her nature will take where it is not necessary and brings them where necessary.

If a woman stops trusting nature, she can't trust the man. It loses its reference points. She becomes not clear, what is right what is wrong what is true from what is false. When it switches to external reference points — will inevitably lose internal. Man becomes second class.

There is one thing. To trust nature requires absolute courage. Such courage is impossible in principle to cultures, substituted by fear. Courage does not interfere with the instinct of self-preservation, on the contrary, complements it. In the nature of women to preserve life, to give life and accidentally to kill anyone who interferes with her vitality. If a woman is given her nature, then she begins to love in all its soul. If you do not have the courage the woman switches on the path of humility. The way of humility is the male way. And then on the thumb — who is not hidden, not my fault. Watch the movie "Night watch" or "Cruel romance", whichever is closer.

Now about the men's way. Sad male the opening of "I possess nothing" gives a man the necessary freedom of action. If a man owns nothing — all he can just to love and to act.

A huge number of men's stories dedicated to the beautiful theme "Was Yes splyl". Take the legendary tale "About the old man, the old woman and the Golden fish". The idea of a woman's humility is so deeply present in the Patriarchal culture all critics universally criticized the old woman under a different philosophical underpinning. And the old man, although Loh Loh — like and. In this story the old man blindly trusted the old woman, because it looks so stupid. He walked by the female.

In many cities I suggested to the women to portray the essence of the feminine on paper. He saw one and the same process — one of the members of the group under the spellbound gaze of the others picked up a pencil or crayon bright colors and began with delight to sketch the huge space of the paper until... until the paper runs out. And with the old woman. Of course, the task of man was to accept the inevitable loss. Either an old woman or a Goldfish. Then he had the opportunity to say: "I don't want more — I want to go myself." A typical marital conflict.

And here is the time for a woman to trust nature. And it may be that its nature will bear away from the man, or the opposite — Wake up credibility — no means no, and maybe the truth will get myself a net and the fish will agree. Who of these girls will understand. But can a man judge another: "God bless her with a Goldfish — but the old lady will entertain". And it's true. And then there is the option not to blame the woman and say "Thank you, mother, even though nothing is left — but had a blast". If a man owns nothing he has the ability to love and the necessary freedom of action. He is not afraid of loss: "God gave — God took".


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The history of my practice. Owner of a business one day the wife brought the keys to the office. And said, "I'm tired of waving net. I want to go to the resort". And left. She quickly got into a car accident. Note. He was all right. Because it is not restricted — quite the contrary given freedom. She could do just as well to hand over the keys to somebody and leave with him. So business appeared to be managing. Here already reject it force attacked her. In my view of the world — time he felt that it was time to save his life. When she had her accident, the man returned, waited until she recovered and left again. This is the essence of high men of humility. Although from the outside seems crazy. But there is internal agreement with any result. Women are attracted to men — they are humble and they are free.

And this is the essence of the male way. To go where you want to go, even if there is nobody around and even if you had not come, or come naked.


Author: Vyacheslav Gusev


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©



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