Makeup works wonders

Most Hollywood actors have an attractive appearance, or at least well kept. However, not all the films entirely handsome heroes and beautiful women, so the stars and have to mutilate beautiful faces pounds of makeup. Look whose reincarnation of the handsome actor in nekrasavtsev were the most striking.

Helena Bonham Carter for the role in "Planet of the Apes" reincarnated as a monkey .... But even in such a manner as her character she turned charming and cute.

Hollywood hunk Tom Cruise has a good sense of humor. Otherwise he would not dare to make such a to put it mildly, not very handsome hero in "Tropic Thunder».

Mike Myers, of course, a big handsome man will not name, but he made the list for being expertly turned into a character from the world of animals. Mike as a cat-freak in "Cat in the Hat».

Emma Thompson in life is quite nice, you can even say - a beautiful lady. But her character in the film Nanny McPhee, "Nanny McPhee" is really terrible.

The same can be said about it the other character - teacher of Trelawney in "Harry Potter».

This actor James Marsters. Most viewers remember him in the role of sexual blond vampire Spike in the TV series "Buffy the Vampire-winner." Also, it can be seen in the series "Secrets of Smallville" and "Torchwood».

And just try to get to know him as a demon villain Piccolo in the film adaptation of the children's anime "Dragonball»!

Actor Michael Chiklis is not the written handsome, but agree that in these pictures is quite good-looking bald man.

But Michael is a hero in the blockbuster "Fantastic Four" Ben Grimm, aka Something. Too bald, but not pretty.

Nicholas Hoult at the beginning of his acting career, moonlighting as a model. But the role of the Beast in the blockbuster "X-Men. First Class "his appearance was not a model.


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