Leaping sur.

I found out how went the stupid way of jumping in front of photographers. You know, when someone does not know how to take a picture of any company is good, because once somebody comes out of the idea to jump all at once. So, I figured out where it went. By Philippe Halsman. That he made a name for himself surrealist photographs on which all jump. Marilyn Monroe jumps. Audrey Hepburn jumps. Shirley MacLaine jumps. Salvador Dali jumping. Cats jump. The plates jump. All jumps ...

Naturally, it does not jump very beginning. This is a Jewish boy from Riga, where his dad for some reason given a camera, began to walk to different famous people and say, "Can I please click as you jump."

Famous people said, "Why do you, boy?" And jumped. The boy then immediately began to cry, and it did not take anything, even a chocolate bar and a bicycle. And famous people immediately started to jump, the boy did not cry.

So artful way the boy threw about 200 well-known people. They all jumped at it. A wily Jewish boy released the album "Jump" and directed a movie and become famous. The boy's name was Philippe Halsman.

When a person jumps, his attention is mainly directed to the act of jumping, the mask falls off and it will be true litso.Zdes he, by the way, he jumps too. With Monroe jumps. Well settled!

The first picture, which actually started Jump Book. Halsman family rented Ford. Filmed long and everybody is tired. When everything was finally over, and Halsman was about to leave, Mrs. Ford went to see him off. Here Halsman dawned. "Mrs. Ford, you could not jump," - he said. She was surprised, but then smiled. "I hope you will not force me to jump into those shoes?" - She asked. She took off her shoes and jumped several times. At this point, he went into the corridor and asked Ford to jump too. So they started to jump ...

The most famous photo from the album called Dali Atomicus. It depicts Dali, water, cats and unfinished painting "Leda Atomica". All jumps, excluding water. It is interesting that instead of water initially wanted to jump the milk, but then did not - the milk after the war was expensive, even for Dali.

1948, New York. Philippe Halsman photographs of Salvador Dali with cats. The ceiling on fishing line hung two paintings, easel and stool. The wife of photographer Yvonne holds the chair. At the expense of 'three', assistants Halsman splash a bucket of water and throw the cat in the air. At the expense of 'four' Dali jumping and Halsman photographs. Then Halsman removed in a dark room, develop film, and assistants and wipe the floor console cats. Cats threw twenty-eight times. Six hours ... Hulsman wrote later that the end of filming the best feel the cat, and he and dirty, wet assistants literally ready to drop.
But all the others were jumping fun ... and Bard so happy ...


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