2011 MTV Movie Awards

Yesterday, local time and even today, in Los Angeles hosted the annual ceremony of movie awards MTV. The nominees, and later, and the winners were selected by a vote of the ordinary TV viewers worldwide network. At the ceremony, it focuses exclusively on entertainment films, and she is very informal - this extravaganza and popliteus jokes, parodies of the most popular films of the year, the happy faces of celebrities. The whole drama of leave for an Oscar.

I suggest you look at the happy owners of the "golden popcorn».

No surprises - for the third consecutive year, the majority of awards takes another part of the Twilight Saga. In 2009, it was the "Twilight" in 2010 - "New Moon", and this year - "Eclipse." But first things first.

Let's first look at the people who played an honorable role and presents awards.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds preparing for the premiere of "Green Lantern." By the way, Blake missed the red carpet with lots of reporters and posed for photographers in the press room, given the recent scandal caused by the leakage of naughty photos of the actress in the network, as well as its possible relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio.

Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz, which we will soon see in "Bad Teacher»

Jim Carrey. Green suit, by the way, is not dictated by a desire to stand out, and using special effects. Live broadcast to suit the image.

Steve Carell, Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling.

Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis beat the plot of his film "Sex Friendship».

The team of "Transformers": Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Shia LaBeouf, Josh Dyuamel and Patrick Dempsey.

Ashton Kutcher and Nicki Minaj.

And now the winners.
Chloe Moritz won two awards - the "Breakthrough of the Year" and loosely translated "Star, kicking ass" for his work in the film "Kick-Ass". However, the girl did not attend the ceremony, as is currently shooting Tim Burton in "dark shadows».

Ellen Page won the award for the most chilling performance in the film "Home". It seems that to accept the award in person, she too could not.

Reese Witherspoon received an honorary "award generation" for his achievements in cinema.

Prize for the best replica received babe Nicole Alexis Sanchez and the film "Classmates».

Justin Bieber took the popcorn in the "moment, because of which you jaw dropped." He walked even Natalie Portman, is transformed into a swan, and James Franco cut off his arm in "127 Hours." What is so shocking is, in his film "Never Say Never" is anyone's guess.

The best villain was again Tom Felton of the "Harry Potter».

Emma Stone has distinguished the best comedy performance in the film "Easy A».

And finally, the victors of the ceremony.
The prize for best fight went to Robert Pattinson, Xavier Samuel and Bryce Dallas Howard for their duel in "Eclipse».

The prize for best kiss got Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. According to unwritten tradition of winners in this category must repeat the kiss on stage, so every year, Robert and Kristen disappoint the fans and play some funny scene, avoiding kiss.

Although this year was still a kiss. Robert said that in the hall there is a man who deserves more than that and went to Taylor Lautner, who plays in the film of his opponent. That's what happened :)

Kristen Stewart was the best actress, and Robert Pattinson, respectively, the best actor.

As a result, "Eclipse", without any surprise win in the category "Best Film". Here it is the power of millions of fans of Twilight worldwide.

Everyone will be able to see the ceremony on the air MTV-Russia this weekend.


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