Ukraine dependent. 22 steps to true freedom

22 steps, which should make the country on the path to independence

Independence of the state is not determined by formal attributes of sovereignty, and the effective operation of the state machine, promising stable economy, development of civil society - all that allows the state to conduct a truly independent policy and be an independent player on the international scene. And for that Ukraine will go a long way to change. Focus offers the first 22 steps.


1. The development of own energy sources
Energy dependence - one of the main vulnerabilities of the state, allows you to keep Ukraine on a short leash. The Action Plan is clear: the expansion of domestic production of energy, including alternatives, diversification of supply sources and, most importantly, reducing the energy intensity of industrial production and housing at the expense of their modernization.

2. Reducing the number of taxes and fees
Despite the introduction of progressive innovations, such as the single tax, in general, the tax burden on Ukrainian business is still too high, which literally drives business "in the shadow" and corruption. Reducing taxes and fees even in the medium term will be repaid at the expense of out of business "in the light" increase in the number of taxpayers and legal money turnovers.

3. Deregulation of business
Numerous inspection bodies - the main enemies of every Ukrainian businessman.
Verification and authorization are often used "auditors" to replenish the pockets and rob the business after-tax income. In addition to simply reduce the regulatory bodies, licensing procedures must be converted into electronic form - this will save businesses time, effort and money.

4. Strengthening confidence in the national currency
Despite the apparent stability, which demonstrates the hryvnia almost four years, the population still considers reliable dollar and euro. Change the situation does not help raising activities, and healthy economic situation. A couple of years without a rise in prices, and the population will become comfortable about hryvnia savings. And the National Bank will not have to come up with additional fees for the purchase and sale of foreign currency because foreign exchange reserves are no longer to melt rapidly, because we all believe in the national currency.
5. De-monopolize the economy
The concentration of whole industries in the hands of individual oligarchs contradicts the principles of free competition, making the economy inefficient. The need for transparent ownership structure with simultaneous resuscitation of the Antimonopoly Committee. Plus hard revise privileges and preferences received by all working industries. This is one of the most difficult steps that require political will. He worked as the real owners of industries are just the shadow leader of the Ukrainian authorities.

6. Attracting foreign investment
Western capital are still afraid to come to Ukraine, it is reasonable to fear high taxes, complicated licensing procedures and corrupt officials. As a consequence, in the international rankings ease of doing business in Ukraine shares the position with African countries. As in the case of the hryvnia, some only promotions to lure foreign investors do not - requires a radical simplification of the tax and licensing systems. And understanding that a foreign investor comes only to the country's economy in which generously invest its citizens.

Public administration

7. Overcoming corruption in government
Corruption at all levels of government has become a major problem of an independent Ukrainian state. In addition to tightening the lustration and liability for acts of corruption, it is necessary to increase the salaries of civil servants, motivating them to cherish the job and do not take bribes. Will need to create an anti-corruption bureau example of Poland and the Baltic countries.

8. Restart the law enforcement system
According to the May to the poll of the Institute of Sociology of NAS of Ukraine, law enforcement agencies fully trusts only every hundredth citizen of Ukraine, while the number of police officers - 780 100 thousand. Population - the highest in Europe. Degree of professional degradation and corruption "bodies" such that the return confidence in them can only be fully restart the system and creating a police "from scratch", radically updating its personnel structure and operating principles. As the experience of Georgia, everything is possible.

9. The re-certification of government officials
The system of government most of the personnel benches still occupy people, officials formed as early as the years of "stagnation". Values ​​and practices of many of them are outdated and hinder any attempt to progressive reforms. In addition to universal and fair recertification, allowing weed out these bureaucrats rationally would invite to high positions in the civil service of successful managers in the corporate sector (of course, comparable to the salary).

10. Creating a stable electoral legislation
The electoral legislation in Ukraine is changing for each new election in the interests of the strong at the moment of political camps. In addition to the violation of the principles of political competition, this is the basis of acute political conflicts and creates the possibility of usurpation of power in the hands of individual political actors and parties. Change the situation can be unified adoption of the Electoral Code, which requires the European Union of Ukraine, as well as a moratorium on changes in it, for example, during the year before the election.

11. The development of effective local government
Almost all political parties and blocs in their programs need to declare the development of local government, but his condition is still deplorable. Local councils play a role appendages state administrations to the appropriate level, and do not protect the interests of the community. Need correction system of government, perhaps, the elimination of district and regional administrations with the transfer of their functions to local councils. And on the ground should be a big part of the tax revenues. Also required revocation mechanism citizens elected deputies.

12. Creating a fair judicial system
The level of corruption in the Ukrainian courts do not hold water. As a consequence, their legitimate interests can not protect any ordinary citizens or representatives of big business, which in turn undermines the faith of ordinary Ukrainians in the state and reduces the investment attractiveness. In addition to the re-evaluation of judges, we need to strengthen criminal responsibility for taking bribes while increasing wages. It makes sense to expand the powers of judicial self-government (as a way to protect themselves from political pressures), we should also think about the election of judges to be members of local communities.

13. Reform of the Armed Forces and re
Over the years of independence, material and technical staff of the Armed Forces significantly out of date, and the structure itself has become a hotbed of corruption. As a result of its ability to ensure the security of the country is highly questionable. Finally it is necessary to complete the transition to a professional army, to reduce its size. Officers must be trained on techniques and progressive world to train in countries with strong armed forces. Material should be done re relying on Ukrainian military-industrial complex, which has the potential to become a locomotive for other sectors of the economy.

Foreign policy

14. The final geopolitical choice
Multi-vector as a major foreign policy doctrine is not very justified. Ukraine remains extremely vulnerable to any external threats (both political and economic). In accordance with the mood of society and the main political parties, the country must stand with twine between the West and the East, and to do everything in order to become a full member of the European community (in this case, of course, building equal and mutually beneficial relations with the Russian Federation).
15. The policy of regional leadership
Ukraine as the largest country in Europe could become a magnet for smaller states of the former Soviet bloc. This will require significant advances in domestic and foreign policy, as well as resuscitation prizabytyh cooperation programs in the Baltic-Black Sea region.


16. The development of Ukrainian culture
In the cultural sphere, from literature to show business, Ukraine has not been able to become independent, while remaining in the shadows of the Russian cultural market. Change the situation can refuse the "sharovarschiny" and support for modern products in film, music, typography (here, by the way, you can start with the elimination of semi-official "shovels" creative unions).

17. Strengthening the independence of the media
The majority of Ukrainian media are a tool of influence of separate financial and industrial and political groups, helps to provide the public a distorted picture of reality. In addition to the introduction of a transparent system of media ownership and to impose anti-monopoly legislation, need real responsibility for corruption in the press and television. Furthermore, it should privatize unpopular government and public media are based on them real public service broadcasters.

18. Creation of an effective and affordable medicine
Medical system, Ukraine inherited a legacy from the Soviet Union 22 years virtually collapsed, her repeated attempts to reform significant to no avail. It is clear that the transition to alternative medical insurance is not, especially since the health services (from first aid to long-term operations) are no longer free, and they have only for a bribe. Among other things, the rejection of free medicine will bring from the shadow of legal income of doctors.

19. Improving the competitiveness of education
The post-Soviet education system shows all the worst results, its material base morally and technically obsolete, professional personnel are in short supply, corruption flourishes from kindergartens to national universities. It is necessary to significantly increase the salaries of qualified teachers, while strengthening the responsibility for taking bribes, as well as to adapt the outdated methods of teaching to modern realities. Ministry of Education shall conduct an audit of schools and eliminate numerous commercial "factory to issue diplomas."

20. Preventing "brain drain»
Ukraine has long become a smithy of skilled personnel to more developed countries. Following the "gold teeth" leave the country "golden hands" and "golden brains." In order to stop the personnel losses, the state should encourage prospective graduates secure jobs with competitive wages, especially in the fields of high technology, defense industry and public administration.

21. Establishment of utilities operating in the interests of citizens
Housing and utilities mainly modifies the resource remaining from the Soviet era. Urgent need to reform the outdated, inefficient and corrupt system ZhEKov benefits stimulate the development of condominiums. Need propaganda among the citizens of personal responsibility for the houses in which they live, with a clear explanation of where to go paid for communal money. Separately earmarked funding from the state budget should be allocated for capital rather than repair communications.

22. The development of civil society organizations
Most public organizations exist only on paper or are projects of individual parties or politicians. In any case, the impact on social processes, they almost do not have, nor does it represent the interests of the society. Requires large-scale audit of all registered organizations. The state should involve community members in the development of regulations, and the powers of public councils at various departments can be strengthened.



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