About Galya, Putin and association with the EU

Boris Bitner

Schuster and I'm not looking.
Kisileva watched and Savik, with all due respect, I can not ...
The level of discussion, "but you are a thief! And you yourself a thief! And you're all thieves! And you're a fool! "In the format of 3.5 hours plunges me into depression.
I do not care to see our elected representatives (may God forgive us for what we choose!) Bristling with saliva, woozy from the constant lies, red with anger faces.
Some representatives of political circles, I remember back in tattered sandals in the late '80s and, in principle, understand the price they said and they did. Not interested.
I love a good fantasy and thriller, but can not stand garfomani (I hope everyone understands what I mean).
But we live in one country and as a result we are faced with the same problem.
Nearer and nearer November 28 - the date of signing (or not signing) of the Association Agreement with the EU. To some extent, the signing of the agreement is interpreted erroneously by citizens and the blogosphere as a kind of "point of no return».
In fact it's not. The document itself, as we know, does not guarantee entry into the EU and Ukraine to anything, except to move in a certain direction, it does not oblige.
That is, citizens of Ukraine do not have to change the orientation of the se * sualnuyu, destroying its infrastructure and burn the fields and orchards - this is propaganda nonsense, designed for those who are not familiar with the document. But (and it's true!) Enterprises of our country, if they want to trade in the EU market (500 million people, by the way!), Must bring their products to the international quality standards. It is difficult, but possible.
But the most interesting - a sword dance, which is danced around it are not particularly economically meaningful document. And it speaks of his great political significance.

Let us without equivocation.
Today, Ukraine is a girl of marriageable age. Not the slender, ox-eyed yes browed that everyone wants, but this pozhivshuyu well worn Galya, weighing a hundredweight, with a wrinkled like a baked apple-faced but cellulite from head to toe, which runs on gdavnoy street from corner to corner and yelling hoarse smoky voice, "Oh, podyvytsya yaki Galya tsytsky! Oh, yak podyvytsya Gali Dupa! Oh, nevzhe Galya nihto not hoche? Nevzhe Galya nihto vizme? »
It seems to me that this is not about the choice of civilization and of who gives more for "Galia" - Vladimir Vladimirovich or the EU, together with the United States.
Vladimir Vladimirovich has a cause and the desire to keep Ukraine within Russia's orbit of influence and the reason is not even a military, but a purely economic nature. Hush, hush, my dear devotees of the Russian world, I know that Russia without Ukraine is easy to live. But if you read or Gumilyov Brzezinski, then you get to know the other point of view - Russia is an empire without Ukraine can not take place. If Gumilyov this consideration has a philosophical nature, is a former US secretary of state - economic. (Here's my fault, I did not check authorship of statements - is not Brzezinski. But this argument is particularly endeared supporters TC. So authorship I disavow, and that's the essence statements remains.) According to him, market capacity of less than 200 million people are not self-sufficient and do not survive. Russia + Ukraine + + Belarus Kazakhstan - a self-sufficient market. After leaving the position of Ukraine and Russia should be changed to reflect the merger with the same EU market - it is a matter of survival, economic well-being. But the entry into the market of the EU marks the beginning of change of KGB-feudal way of life in the Russian Federation, and who needs it? Certainly not the Chekists, who has long been owned by feuds, which have established their own rules.
Putin must leave Ukraine within its sphere of influence and control. So, while loudly proclaiming that the signing of association with the EU - an internal affair of Ukraine, Russia continues to demonstrate its attitude towards scheduled for 28.11. Act. From insider information - some of Metinvest enterprises were alerted Russian partners for the termination of some expensive contracts for the supply of rolled metal in Russia. Just. Without the reasons and explanations. While this is not written - perhaps trying to correct the situation.
Enterprises of metallurgy, chemical industry, food industry workers, mechanical engineers - all complain that the Russian side in droves reviewing agreements signed or breaks them, without the fulfillment of the obligations.
With regard to oil and gas - we'll know soon. In winter. If the nature of work, the winter is not severe, otherwise we bready brotherly love on the tonsils.
Realizing that one whip result is not achieved, the Russian Gala offers a number of important benefits and preferences, which really help the Ukrainian economy bat feel good even without radical treatment. Once again - a significant assistance and real benefits offered by our country, given the non-signing of the agreement. It will fix the situation today for today, but in the long run exacerbate the destructive processes in the economy - without a thorough reform and changes in the legislative framework, this kind of preferences are similar to morphine with vitamins when gangrene began. Remember: "The patient was sweating before he died? Sweating ... It's good! »

Europe, too, is ready to generously bestow our Galya, believing that if Putin will return Russia to Ukraine, then courage may try to return something else, and it can be an unpleasant surprise.
And 46 million customers - a 10% to the existing customer base.
Yes and the country is not bad, if you make the hand - industry, nuclear energy, agriculture, natural resources, geopolitical situation ...
In general, our Galya - she even where there ... Though, even here ... To me, this sounds very ambiguous compliment, but it reflects the situation entirely. Rumor has it that before the summit visit to Ukraine cause is none other than a Gossekretat USA. Not Zbigniew old and current. And Secretary of State just come rarely at their job - to go on the case.

The situation was extremely Ghali winning - maybe her and do not want to love and be. Can not sincere, but deeply and diligently - and regardless of where it will go: to the west or east.
Yanukovych and the company now can choose - who are more willing, and go back. The process of trade flows nervously, with mutual grievances clients hostility, dirty information warfare, and under the constant shouts Ghali: "Oh, she does not have zabuvayte yaki Ghali ..!».

ABOUT! I forgot to mention the release of Tymoshenko or her medical treatment abroad!
I speak. This question on the signing of the agreement will not affect.
Although the carcass, even in canned foods - Ukraine will drag or to the Association or the vehicle. It's a geopolitical issue. A little geopolitics interests of individual human destinies.
If we are not concerned about Yulia Tymoshenko united opposition leaders, the EU certainly would not risk their zone of influence.

Now - the forecast.
I have a hunch that the Association would be signed anyway. The question of principle, and the parties in the dispute over Galya body does not stand up for the price. The EU has more chances because the past few years, Russia has pursued unduly harsh, humiliating neighbor policy and opposed not only political and industrial elite, but the population. Roughly speaking, Galia wants to change the partner, she does not like BDSM, although partner and generously paid.

Signing of association with the EU does not mean Russia's refusal from attempts to return to Ukraine in the sphere of influence, but you will have to act now as a smarter, more intelligent and sensitive. And knowing the impermanence Galina flavors, its greed and irresponsibility, I would place the EU not to relax. Change to time!

There is, however, another option - the EU and Russia to agree among themselves and to send Galya foot lo * sualnoe journey. And will a girl of marriageable age eternal maid of marriageable age ... However, this option is unlikely - after all such Gali street, and do not roll over all, sooner or later find their Alyosha ...
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