Synaesthesia can make to see the mouth speaking people out words

Life with included subtitrami

Whole life some people are with included subtitles. Whenever it someone says something, they see it, as if coming out of the mouths of the tickertape. It's like as if a person lives in a world with an ever included subtitles.

Synesthesia - a relatively common phenomenon. Approximately 4% of the world population confused feelings. For example, they hear something when they see certain colors, or see colors when they hear music. Some people "try the taste of words" that can make the unpleasant conversation. And then there are people with synesthesia, who see the words coming from the mouths of other people like tickertape.

This condition, according to many synesthetes, annoying. When they do not understand the language, it can act as locking understanding. While many of us can understand speaking in a foreign language a person's expression, context, gestures, such synesthetes have to first deal with the futile attempts of the brain to write words, they do not know.

They are also difficult to learn a second language, because they have to focus on the spelling of the word when they hear it. In the study of the language they need to focus on reading and pronunciation, before moving on to talk. On the other hand, due to the fact that synesthetes conversation receive information from two sources - or, more precisely, their brains causes them to process information in two ways - they have the best spelling skills and memory is better than that of people who rely only on ears.

In synesthetes often several types of synesthesia, and synesthetes tickertape often there is also a mirror touch synesthesia. When the mirror touch synesthetes see someone touched another person, they feel that touch. It seems that there is a link between these types of synesthesia, but studies have not yet produced accurate results.



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