How does the Delete button in your brain

The brain uses a very interesting way to free up space to create new, stronger connections, so you can remember more.

In neurology there's an old expression: neurons that light up together, connect with each other. In other words, the more you use the neural link, the stronger it becomes. That is why true another old saying: repetition is the mother of learning. The more you train in game on a piano, in the possession of another language, juggling, the stronger these bonds become. Our capacity to learn depends not only on the building and strengthening of saraswata

For many years it was considered the main key to learning new skills. But it turned out that the ability to learn depends not only on the building and strengthening of neuromata. Even more important that our ability to break old connections. This process is called "synaptic pruning". Here's how it works.

Your brain is designed like a garden, Imagine your brain is a garden, except that instead of growing flowers, fruits and vegetables you grow synaptic connections between neurons. These relations are transferred to such neurotransmitters as dopamine, serotonin and others.

In your brain there are gardeners – glial cells, which can speed up the signals between certain neurons. At the same time, other glial cells remove all unnecessary: remove the weeds, kill pests, sweep fallen leaves. These gardeners-cleaners of your brain called "microglial cells." They destroy synaptic connections. The question is, how do they choose which connection to destroy.

Researchers are just beginning to reveal this secret, but now they know exactly what those synaptic connections that we use less than others, are marked by protein C1q (and others). When microglial cell notice the label, they react with the protein and destroy – that is, cut – synapse.

Thus your brain makes space for new, better links, so you can remember more.

Why is it important to dream?

Did you ever get the feeling that the brain is full? Perhaps in the transition to a new job or when you hard work on the project. You're too little sleep and constantly get new information. In some ways your brain is actually full.

To engage in mental activity during a long absence of sleep is the same that hacked through the dense jungle with a machete When you learn a lot, the brain builds connections, but it is ineffective, temporary relationships. He needs to cut all these ties and to build a clear, effective way. This our brain does while we sleep.

While you sleep, the amount of brain cells could be reduced by 60% to give the ability of glial cells to start working, remove the excess and trim synapses.

If you woke up someday after a good night's sleep with pure thoughts and a clear head? This was because in the cleanup and strengthening of ties occurred during the night, your brain now has a lot of space for reception and synthesis of new information – that is, for learning.

For this reason, small breaks for sleep improve your cognitive abilities. If you will go take a NAP for 10-20 minutes, your microglial gardeners will have the opportunity to work to remove the unused connection to make room for building new ones.

To engage in mental activity during a long absence of sleep is the same that hacked through the dense jungle with a machete. It's hard, slow and tedious. Paths intertwine, and the light cannot penetrate inside. Mental activity after a good rest is a pleasant walk through the regular Park. Track does not overlap, and you can clearly see their points of intersection, trees tidied, and you can see your way forward. This is very exciting.

Worry about what you think In fact, you have the opportunity to decide what when your brain is destroyed, while you sleep. Stripping exposed those synaptic connections that are not in use. Those links that you use, get all necessary for growth. So you need to control what you think.

If you spend too much time reading fan theories about what will end the "Game of thrones" and only occasionally think about work, guess what synapses are marked for deletion.

If you someone had a conflict and now you are thinking how to punish this man, not about how to handle a project, your brain will generate great ideas for revenge and mediocre ideas for innovation.


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In order to make maximum use of the natural cleaning system of your brain, think about what is really important to you. Your gardeners will strengthen these relationships and will remove unwanted. So you can help your brain to blossom.published


Author: Alexey Zenkov


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