11 habits that negatively affect our brains

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Don't understand what's going on? Feel tired, can't concentrate, you forget important things? All of this can be found a simple explanation: you're always doing the things that harm your brain and affect its work. These include the lack of Breakfast or excessive stress, and other factors. The problem is that you neglect the care of the main part of your body — the brain.

Everything we do somehow affects the brain so that certain actions interfere with his normal functioning, and sometimes even lead to destruction. Imagine what is repeated every day year after year. What is the result? Bad habits can kill your brain! It's time to change the way of life and to ensure the health of your brain and the entire body. In our article you will find 11 habits that harm your brain. We'll show you how to increase the efficiency of intellectual activity, just giving up some habits.

Our brain and mymsg is a very complex and delicate structure, direct or indirect impact on it affects all the processes in the body. The brain regulates homeostatic functions such as heartbeat, balance of liquids, blood pressure, hormones and body temperature, in addition, it is responsible for movement, perception, learning, memory and emotions. That's why there is nothing strange in the fact that the lifestyle that we lead affects the proper functioning of the brain and, ultimately, the overall health of our body.

According to numerous scientific studies, our livelihoods can cause small or considerable damage to brain cells and the functions they perform that leads to the development of degenerative diseases (e.g. Alzheimer's disease). On the other hand, good habits, a balanced diet, exercise, etc. — activate the brain and return him to health.

So, it's time to get down to business and get to know those 11 habits that negatively affect our brain and which is as soon as possible to cancel.

11 habits, which is to say "no"to 1. No sastranegara is a basic meal which has a major impact on our productivity and emotional stability. In the first hours of the day the brain requires a sufficient amount of nutrients to control physiological processes. If the required substance does not enter the brain, it uses its reserves and forced to make a great effort to maintain normal work. In addition, the lack of Breakfast can lead to a General fatigue of all the systems: loss of concentration and poor memory, bad mood, low physical and intellectual performance. Therefore, a healthy and nutritious Breakfast is so important for the brain.

2. Curanilahue significantly reduces the amount of oxygen to the brain. On the other hand, the heterocyclic amines generated during smoldering of the cigarette and enters our body along with the tobacco smoke, adversely affect DNA replication, leading to mutations and cancer cells. Give up Smoking to benefit their health.

3. Excessive consumption sharepeople refined sugars, flour, fried foods and sausages in the diet and lack of fresh vegetables, fruits and fiber, triggers the accumulation of harmful substances in the body, development of tumors, but also weakens the immune and nervous system. That's why balanced and healthy diet is important not only for figure but also for health, including the brain.

4. Poisoning contaminated natural Sredoje we have said, for the brain is vital to get enough oxygen. At the same time, the air is full of toxic substances which get into our body in the process of exchange of gases, then are transported together with the oxygen not only to domestic authorities but also to the brain. In the second case, this leads to reduced efficiency of the brain. Try to spend more time in parks, squares, or the nature and breathe fresh, unpolluted air.

5. Lack of sleep and nedosypayuschie requires 8 hours of sleep every day, at this time, the brain gets the necessary time for rest, the metabolism proceeds in a normal mode, the cells are updated, and your body is filled with energy for the next day. The reduction in sleep time increases the death rate of brain cells, and you feel tired and are in a bad mood. Do not neglect sleep and let the brain relax a sufficient number of hours.

6. Peredneprivodnoe body food triggers the deposition of fat and constriction of blood vessels of the brain, the blood circulation and, as a consequence, the limitation of the brain in performing its functions.

7. Use alkogolya secret that alcohol consumption leads to disruption of all organs and, increasingly, nervous system, liver and heart. Once in the body, alcohol triggers a chemical reaction that has a direct impact on the brain. Alcohol accelerates the death of neurons and reduces the speed of transmission of nerve impulses between them. Limit the amount of alcohol consumed, or abandon it altogether.

8. Stressstress causes multiple reactions of the nervous system and reduces mental performance, while increasing the risk of lesions and brain and heart attack. Try less to expose your body to stress and find time for physical and emotional rest.

9. Violation of heat transfer during snowcity if you are covered with a blanket with the head, you block the access of oxygen and contribute to the accumulation of carbon dioxide in the body and this has a negative effect on the brain.

10. Overexertion of the brain during boleznennoe the volume of work or study undertaken at the time of illness or injury can harm your brain, as the energy of the body goes to work and speeding up all processes, instead of healing and recovery. Specialists and doctors not for nothing are advised bed rest during the disease, since the efficiency of the brain is reduced, immune system is weakened and you're susceptible to disease. Listen to their advice, not to provoke complications.

11. The lack of intellectual exercises and workouts masharani we talked about how important it is not to expose the brain strain and stress. However, the lack of work affects the health of the brain is no less pernicious. The brain must constantly develop and train: the more I read, chat on intellectual topics, solve crossword puzzles, learn a foreign language and stimulate your brain in any other way. So, you will increase learning ability and memory, improve memory and increase the reaction speed of the brain.

Final Coverity can take care of your brain, and hence on the health of the entire body, maintaining a healthy lifestyle:

  • Watch your diet, consume more fruits and vegetables, which stimulate the brain. It is also recommended to include in the diet of fish, rich in fatty amino acids (omega-3), it contributes to better interaction of nerve cells in the brain.
  • Daily drink 3-4 cups of tea or small cups of ground coffee a natural, it improves the memory, and in the long term reduces the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease or Parkinson's disease.
  • Every day tell time to physical exercise.
  • Avoid Smoking and drinking alcohol.
  • Sleep sufficient number of hours.
  • Think happy thoughts. published

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