7 habits that negatively affect our heart

The human body is a harmonious system, where each part is an inseparable, important and performs its function. The heart is a fundamental organ of violations in his work can lead to serious consequences. That is why it is important to take care of the health of the heart and to constantly monitor its state. In our article we will explain what habits have negative effects on the heart and on what factors is to protect your health.

What habits affect heart health?Heart is one of the main organs of our body, responsible for circulation and delivery of nutrients to all systems of the body. However, there are a number of factors that significantly impair the functioning of the heart, especially if we don't care about his health. Stress and anxiety, accelerating heart rate, unhealthy food, damaging the cardiovascular system, etc. in order to protect yourself and your family from sudden heart attacks, strokes and other serious diseases, you must know what habits are dangerous for our heart. Read about it on.

1. Solavista, you have already guessed what will be discussed. And despite the fact that the population of Earth knows about the negative effect of salt on the body, people continue to consume it in unlimited quantities. Why? It's simple: salt adds taste to food and it's one of the most popular spices in the world. However, you should know that salt causes the development of hypertension, increases blood pressure and gradually turns into a time bomb that one day will work totally unexpected. Whether to expose the heart of such a danger? Of course not! Limit salt intake, give up the semi-finished products and fast food, and salty snacks and snacks.2. Stress and protoplanets has a negative impact both on women and men, although the consequences may vary. On the male body the stress of having a short term effect at that time, as the female body tends to accumulate fatigue, which then provokes the development of various diseases. It is worth to note that one serious consequence of physical and emotional exhaustion for women can be a disease known as stress cardiomyopathy or "broken heart syndrome", associated with acute heart failure. Learn to cope with stress, negative emotions and fatigue and find opportunities for the full physical and emotional relaxation. 3. Lack of physical activity and agerenalrenal to experts, the disease of the XXI century is a sedentary lifestyle, poor diet and consumption of saturated fats. All this together with obesity and high blood pressure causes serious cardiovascular problems. It is important to keep in mind: every year age of the patients with such symptoms younger. Don't forget about the daily walks, exercise and active lifestyle, as well as organize a child's life in an adequate mode — unlimited time of video games, computers and watching TV, is the main cause of health disorders in children.

4. "I eat, therefore I exist"we are talking about the phenomenon that has become a popular subject of research lately. Here is an example: we come home after a hard day and instead take the effort to cook healthy, well-balanced dinner we're looking for something to eat, quickly satisfy hunger and relieve stress. Snacks, pizza, sodas, sweets ... do not be right diet. In this situation, we eat to eat to calm your nerves and save time. Undoubtedly, the semi-finished and finished food life easier, since we only require reheating in a microwave oven. But! There is nothing more harmful to health. Remember, food is needed for the body not only to saturate and satisfy hunger, but also to replenish nutrients, energy, water, important for an active and fulfilling life.

5. Holesterinova it comes to cholesterol, we also talk about hypertension and the "silent" disease is asymptomatic. Often we neglect the regular medical examination and medical diagnosis. But one should not treat lightly the health — cholesterol is an important indicator of the condition of the body. The "bad" cholesterol deposited on the walls of arteries and veins, creating dangerous congestion and obstructions to blood flow, provoking the development of heart attack. Control cholesterol with natural means and methods and regularly pass medical examination.

6. Insufficient and poor quality nonideally health is considered to be seven or eight hours of sleep. We know this, but still reduce the sleep time, devoting his TV viewing, computer games, talking on the phone, smartphones and gadgets. Remember about the negative effects of electrical radiation which aggravates fatigue and causes insomnia. At the same time, a healthy and restful sleep needed by the body for the implementation of biological processes: for example, detoxification of the lymphatic system, liver etc sleep Deficit leads to hormonal imbalance, which directly affects heart health.

7. Korenjak you belong to the group of smokers, we want to ask: do you know about the effects of harmful habits for your health? Smoking increases heart rate, triggers an irregular heart rhythm and serious coronary disease. And this is only the negative effect that it has on the cardiovascular system. And if you add up the harm from Smoking for all systems of the body? Without a doubt, quitting cigarettes will be the best gift to your health, prolong life and improve its quality. It's time to stop delaying and make this decisive step, isn't it? published

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