Salads, healthy eyes

Many, perhaps, have heard that for eye health you need to eat more carrots. This makes sense, because it contains lutein — a substance from the family of b vitamins A, which is especially important for our eyes: it is responsible for the sharpness of our vision, protects against the development of cataracts and diseases of the retina. And to that important element we can only from food.

However, these carrots are not the only and the best source of lutein. Most of it is contained in broccoli, green peas, dark leafy greens: spinach, Kale leaves, dandelions, nasturtiums. In addition, it is found in orange fruits and vegetables: peppers, pumpkin, persimmon, maize, and citrus. Lutein contain pistachios and chicken egg yolks. For learning is so important for eye health substances our body need some amount of fat, for example cheese, butter or sour cream. Salads, recipes which we will share with you today, is combine the components necessary to your eyes.

Salad with persimmon and goat cheese Ingredients:
  • Шпинат1 little bundle
  • Хурма1 PCs.
  • Soft goat сыр50 g
  • Cleaned фисташки15 g
  • Nuts кешью15 g
  • Perico freshly ground to taste
  • Уксус1 tbsp balsamic
Method of preparation:

Spinach and persimmon wash and dry. Spread on a plate of spinach, cut into wedges (or slices) persimmons. Add pieces of goat cheese and nuts. Pour the balsamic vinegar, season with pepper and mix well.

Salad with orange and mozzarella

  • Шпинат1 little bundle
  • Апельсин1/2 PCs.
  • Моцарелла50 g
  • Cleaned фисташки15 g
  • Nuts кешью15 g
  • Уксус1 tbsp balsamic
Method: cook Spinach wash and dry. Orange peel and cut into slices. Spread on a plate of spinach, an orange, we add mozzarella, cut into small pieces (you can also use pearl mozzarella). Drizzle the salad with balsamic vinegar, season with your favorite spices and stir. Another important element for the health of your eyes are the omega-3 fatty acids. They are the easiest way to from oily sea fish: salmon, mackerel, sardines. Wherefore, do not hesitate to add to the salad, salmon steak - you'll have a great dinner.

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