Google wants to make things manageable without internet applications

A few days ago Google announced project The Physical Web («Web Material"), which aims - to invent a new standard that will interact with the Internet of Things applications without installation.

It's like a magic wand for the Internet of Things i>

Internet development gets increasingly clear spiral shape, thanks to broadband Internet almost winning concept "everything online", replacing desktop applications online services available through the browser, but the era of mobile Internet, not only got us back in the era of e-mail clients, but has brought the fashion for individual programs Read-specific sites. And so the story comes to a new level: this time the winds of change blew from the Internet of Things.

One difference from the usual Internet of Things Internet is that every "thing" (not the translation of the word uklyuzhy thing in this case, but what to do) requires a separate application for managing them. As the number of smart objects around us, the amount needed to control each of these applications will soon exceed the reasonable limits of available memory, or custom gadgets. This is not very practical, especially when it is not about regular needs, and suddenly arisen need.

Say, met on the road vending machine with drinks in hot weather. If we imagine that he, too, became part of the Internet of things, it is likely to attempt to buy the goods without having to climb into the wallet for cash or card, require the installation of the application that will write off the money from a linked account. But how much more convenient it would be if you could buy a bottle of water bypassing ann-Sided directly using your smartphone / watch / glasses / microchip in the head?

Reasoning in this way, Google planned to develop a new open standard, which will link custom gadgets and surrounding objects "Internet of things" in the network, the Internet really looks like - which do not need any applications other than the browser to get the right information. Not surprisingly, the development of employment standards Chrome browser team led by an interface designer Scott Jenson Google. We can say that the aim of the project is the developm standard that will create browsers for Internet of things, to bring in the real world experience of the usual internet surfing: interaction on request - passing by the bus stop, ATM, car rental, etc. - Interact with them without applications.

Development of a fully open: the project available on Githabe . Developers rightly suggest that an open standard more likely to be accepted.


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