What happens to the ships

What happens to the ships when they become too old? What is death from ocean tankers, bulk carriers and aircraft? Our planet would be complete cemeteries courts, if it was not profitable to them and saw to melt steel. It became profitable only thanks to Asia, literally destroy their competitors-korablekrushiteley West. Organize the process here has been possible to completely different. Beach, wide enough and even where the difference between high tide and low tide is high enough, and a few thousand people in rags and sandals - that shop and work. At high tide the boat at full speed and planted in the beach and disassembled at low tide using primitive tools and gas welding. Every week there are killed and people lose their health, and the beaches turn into ulcers planet - toxic materials and petroleum products fall into the ocean.

One such place, located in India, called Alang. The city government did not have to portray on postage stamps. His fame only denigrates the reputation of India, and the activities of various international organizations are deprived of the possibility of profit. In addition, there were cases when the ships ferrying weapons and explosives to Islamic terrorists. The government has decided to close the city from prying eyes, and residents of the city - the workers of these shipyards - fear of losing a job, look with suspicion at all strangers appearing in the county. They are willing to die for these shipyards for bread in his mouth.

The midday sun we drive up to the Alang: on both sides of the road for several kilometers continuously go shopping, sheltered from the sky only sheds where you can buy everything that is possible to carry out or torn away from the ship - beds, boats, toilets ... Each store specializes in a certain Product: someone sells only gate, someone engines and their parts, someone ahead of the ship's dining rooms.

The driver stops at a hundred meters to the CAT and asked us to leave. Next, we can not, he says.

The first thing we saw, went into the booth fast - a huge bewhiskered painted different colors n * yanoe face. * Al bare in Gujarat is strictly forbidden in America 20's, but today a great holiday - Holi - on the streets of all each other watered dyed water, and many have already managed to touch the bottle. We tried to find out whether you can get into the city, offered money, but we were denied in all drunk incorruptible guard.

After leaving the booth and disappeared from sight sentry, we turned off the road to get around the checkpoint. After some time, came across the open gate in the fence of barbed wire. After passing some houses and a crowd of drunken Indians painted, put in Alang.

Even easy to call it a city. This is the road that goes along the coast on one side walls which fenced off stretches of beach, each of which is a separate korablekrushitelnoy company, and on the other - working shacks built of junk from the same ship. Need gathered here people from different states of India. Many of them came here on the last money. Behind fences seen giant hulls, but consider them here very easily.

Sneak over the fence impossible - people everywhere. We approached several gates and tried to communicate, but we were not allowed. The problem of understanding rose very sharply - in English around no one says, plus we call a strong suspicion.

But fortune smiled on us all the same - a drunken Indian, standing at the gate, shows us a gesture of hospitality. We go, Indian unexpected for us retires to his cabin and falls on the bed - what we need. A few steps forward and ... we see it. Vessels of tens of thousands of tons, zaryvshiesya toes in the sand. As far as the eye could see, were they one by one. And in the distance, in the mist continued to be seen their pipes and radio towers. Many of the ships already partially dismantled. They are cut by vertical sections - like sausage. How do ants eat up dead animals, working night and day, five days a week, destroying the world's largest vehicles. Anchor chains, fragments of metal, fuel oil soaked sand.

We stood on the shore, green wave in front of us turning up the garbage. On our right was a huge red ship, which, despite the holiday, there was a work. To the left were two large tankers, which seemed deserted, until they were about a hundred feet in the water. We approached the red ship, but we were not allowed further. In tankers, we stumbled on just one guard. He was undecided. When we explained to him the gestures that we want to get to the tanker, he said (or rather also explained gestures) that are too deep, they say you need to wait - in a few hours will ebb, and the ship will be readily available. Caretaker even brought us chairs so we sat in the shade of a crawler crane. But after a while came two more people, then another. In the end, there was a certain man in Muslim clothing. He does not mince words, explained that we had better leave. We have proposed a very large by Indian standards money - several thousand rupees (workers get here no more than 80 rupees a day) - but encountered only rejection and fear in his eyes.

Again faced with a fence, it was like to try your luck at the other gate, but after a while were captured motopatrul—Ďm. So we ended up at the police station ...

Pictures of the Alang is strictly forbidden to anyone. The blessing we were able to hide the flash drive and convince the police to malfunction. After a short time they let us go back home without trying to frighten or to extort money.

Accessible from the police station to the highway was not easy - only occasionally slipped machine without us full of people up to the top. We went walking on the pavement to cool evening. But here we once again had the good fortune, and the bend appeared mototraktor. In his trailer lay three meters of some scenery: a wooden arch, columns, and similar stuff. The cabin and the scenery were people. Upstairs there was a place for us - we raced with a bang, ducking under branches of roadside trees. Lie to those who say that India can not stop driving - experience shows - it is possible!

Night in the house opposite the hotel a few elderly men playing a Hindu band and smoke hashish in a circle. Near lit a huge fire - burn Holick. In India, the spring came. Welcome once again defeat evil.







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