Destroyer Restless. Kaliningrad

Here it is, a true defender of the fatherland - 156-meter monster Restless. It is armed with 8 unique (not having analogues in the world) anti-ship missiles such as mosquito, two launchers for anti-aircraft missiles Calm, 130mm two-gun artillery complex long range of 20 km and a lot of things yet. Also, the destroyer can carry aboard the carrier-based helicopter Ka-27.

Destroyers Project 956 - the third generation of destroyers, the last of the developed and implemented projects in the USSR class ships, "the destroyer." Project code - "Buzzard", coded NATO - Sovremenny class destroyer.

Baltic Fleet destroyer "Restless" - a lot of high-speed maneuvering target combat ship designed for anti-submarine warfare, aircraft (including missiles), and enemy ships. The ship is used for the protection and defense of the United ships or convoys in transit, as well as reconnaissance and patrol service, artillery support during landing and staging minefields.

The ship laid to plant them. Zhdanov April 8, 1987, launched on June 9, 1990. February 29, 1992 the ship was raised by St. Andrew's flag.

Technical data:
Power: 100 000 liters. a.
Speed: 18 knot economical 4, 32, 7 assembly complete.
Endurance: 30 days.
The cruising range of 1345 miles at 33 knots, 3,920 miles to 18 knots.
Displacement: 8,000 tons.


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