The phrases uttered at the right moment

In the case of urgent need - to show wit
Articulate and diverse speech - perhaps the little that really sets us apart from all other species that inhabit our planet, but if you want to flash the linguistic skills in a situation that this is not a, animal species homo sapiens is not always able to find the right words and phrases. When you sit in a trench, risking a stray bullet and say, wait out a blizzard in a tent, not knowing whether dozhivёsh to its end, to occupy his mind building eloquent phrases unforgivable, because you can use it with a much greater benefit. The heroes of this collection - the most wasteful people in the world, because they have allowed themselves the luxury of a luxury of human communication, as used to say, Antoine de Saint-Exupery - the only luxury in the world.

1. An ingenious courage Lawrence Oates

Robert Scott's expedition
At the beginning of 1912 the expedition of Robert Scott, a part of which was the captain of the British army Lawrence Oates reached the South Pole, but there are brave explorers of the Antarctic got a nasty surprise - on the pole, they found many human and dog tracks, as well as a note, indicate that a group led by Norwegian Roald Amundsen traveled to the southernmost point of the planet in the 34 days before the British.
On the way back to the main parking lot of the travelers had a hard time - the weather has deteriorated dramatically, provisions were exhausted, in addition, one of the explorers died of a fall injury. Tired and frostbitten researchers walked slowly across a vast icy wilderness, hoping to get to the base before the die. Lawrence Oates, who because of old wounds one leg slightly shorter than the other, significantly inhibited the promotion of the group. Realizing that his slowness reduces the chances of surviving comrades to nothing, Oates asked to leave it, but the other members of the group met failure.
On March 17, when travelers waited blizzard, Scott wrote in his diary that barefoot Oates left the tent and said, "Just go out to get some air and some time back." Needless to say, the researchers did not wait the return of captain. Unfortunately, the rest of the polar trek not long survive Oates - all in 12 days, including Scott, were killed in a blizzard, though parking was only 17 km ... Later their bodies were found, and Oates corpse was never found. Not far from the place where he died, set the stone pyramid, on which the inscription reads: "Nearby died very gallant gentleman, Captain of the LE Oates Inniskillinskogo Dragoons. In March 1912, on the way back from the pole, he voluntarily went to his death in a blizzard to try to save his comrades caught up trouble ».

2. Daniel Daly - a man and a destroyer

If you saw Daniel Daly during his work at the bank, you probably would not believe that a small man at a table littered with papers and paper clips - one of the bravest officers of the United States Marine Corps.
Daly joined the army before the start of the First World War, and by 1917 the ninth year, when a part of the expeditionary corps of American troops sent to France at Daniel had two Medals of Honor (the highest military award of the United States). First he received for heroic defense of the US Embassy in China during the Boxer Rebellion (also known as the Boxer uprising) - Daily alone was able to fend off more than five hundred enraged Chinese. Second Medal of Honor was awarded to him for his successful defense of the American position during one of the uprisings in Haiti.
In 1917 a detachment of marines under the command of Daly joined the battle with the Germans near Paris - a battle went down in history as the Battle of Belleau Wood. The odds were not in favor of the Americans, and after a few skirmishes detachment was surrounded by half superior enemy forces. Sitting in a trench, and listening to the whistle of a German machine gun bursts, Daly quickly realized that the only way to destroy the enemy's numerical advantage - to attack.
Shouted: "Guys, for God's sake, go! Do you want to live forever? "Daley under heavy fire he led his Marines directly on the enemy positions. On June 26, the Supreme Command of the Armed Forces of the United States received a telegram: "Forests near Belleau Wood is completely under the control of the US Marine Corps».
After the end of World War I, Daniel Daly resigned and took a job at a bank. He lived a long and happy life, and in 1942, the year his name was even called a destroyer, but unfortunately, Daly could not attend the ceremony launching the ship into the water - Hero died five years before, in 1937 and was buried , with all the military honors.

3. The war - not for women?

In 1912 the young son of one of the Serb families called to serve in the army - the country needed fresh troops to take part in the war, which later became known as the First Balkan. Sister recruit, 24-year-old Milunka Savic, disguised as a man and enlisted in the Army after his brother went to the front. She was for a long time managed to hide their sexual identity, but during the Second Balkan War, a brave woman suffered serious shrapnel wounds that required surgery and her secret was revealed.
"Private Savic" summoned to the commander, who of course, thoroughly "raspёk" Milunku, but without its seemingly inevitable sending home a serious disciplinary punishment - during the fighting Milunka proved very brave and sensible soldier. She was offered a transfer to the service of the hospital, but the woman did not suit such a turn - Milunka insisted that he wants to fight for his country at the forefront. The officer promised to think over her words, and to give an answer the next day, what Savich stood at "attention" and said, "I'll wait».
Wait for the next day it was not necessary - after hours of thinking commander decided to send her back to the infantry. The woman held the Second Balkan War and fought for his country in the fields of the First World, surprising fellow unparalleled courage and reckless courage. Savic won many state awards Serbia, France, Great Britain and Russia, and after the war, she married and began raising a family. After a while, I forgot about it - who cares about the heroes of the last war, when the new nose? The last years of his life narednik (the rank corresponding to the sergeant) Savic spent in poverty and obscurity, she died in 1973, aged 84 years.

4. Unwanted child of Robert Oppenheimer

"I am Death, the destroyer of worlds" - such grandiloquent phrase perfectly approached to for any sci-fi movie, but unfortunately, the man who it said was not a film written and not kidding, speaking of himself, these terrible words.
Thanks to his brilliant researches American physicist Robert Oppenheimer is known as one of the greatest scientists of XX-th century, but because of them, his name is forever cursed humanity. Oppenheimer studied black holes, quantum electrodynamics, spectroscopy, and many other important problems of physics, but the most widely known, he received in the course of work on the so-called Manhattan Project - a program to develop nuclear weapons.
As you know, the United States in 1945 was used, developed with the direct participation of Oppenheimer's atomic bomb against civilian Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Years later, in 1960, the scientist spoke about his feelings while observing the first nuclear test, "I am reminded of a line from the Hindu holy book" Bhagavad-gita, "I have become death, the destroyer of worlds." Self-criticism, Mr Oppenheimer, but it's true.

5. Brevity - the sister of the Spartan

Wars of conquest, through which Alexander the Great became the sole ruler of a vast empire, was initiated more by his father, Philip II. Father military genius was able to conquer all the city-states of ancient Greece, but one - Sparta. Residents of Sparta differed severe temper - they raised their children strictly, if not violently, so that the boy grew up brave and determined, and the glory of Spartan warriors resounded throughout Greece and far beyond its borders.
In the 346th year BC Philip once again going to go to war with remnants of the Greeks and to intimidate the Spartans, who in his opinion, were the only force capable of resisting the Macedonian armed forces, the king sent him the following message: "I have conquered all of Greece I have the best army in the world. Give up, because if I capture the power of Sparta, if I break her gate, if I try rams her wall, then mercilessly destroy the entire population of the city and razed to the ground! ". The answer was extremely laconic Spartans (from the name of a Greek region of Laconia, whose capital was Sparta): "If." After thinking about the message, Philip abandoned his plan and never tried to attack Sparta, his son Alexander in his campaigns also bypassed Laconia party.



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