It annoys you?

Some words and phrases can bring a person to a nervous breakdown rather than the creaking door and dirty dishes. Journalists conducted a survey among people on the streets, acquaintances, colleagues and friends. They tried to find out what words and phrases literally "enrage" respondents.

The most annoying people "Albany" language, which acquired the spread of the Internet. It seems that all forums are filled with users without education. Ear and eye cut many "hello", "Kiso cookie", "drink yadu", "pachom holva", "great Satan in hell", "LOL", "patstalom" and other ingenious inventions online linguists.

In the same line, and the abbreviation "IMHO", which also causes considerable irritation among the people. writes It turned out that word of reducing sentences in English in my humble opinion, that means "in my humble opinion." Often write this abbreviation, and in Latin, that is - IMHO.

Many respondents annoying words that distort diminutive suffixes. Phrases composed of these "little words" sound like a babbling infant. Adults do not have educated people say "greeting", "denezhka," "the cookie", "vodka", "pivasik", "blozhik", "shaped as letters", "little man" and so on.

Abbreviations popular commonly used word is also very annoying. Not so hard to write the full word instead of "ATP", "mia", "pzhlst", "nzcht", "lan", "check", "bush».

Some respondents "enrage" numerous borrowings from other languages, which replace the Russian expression. This is the familiar "OK", "oops", "Good", "Maybee", "go", "buddylist", "juzat", "kament».

Jargon occurred at all times and in all sectors of society. Therefore, get rid of "bablosov", "muzlo", "Kote", "lave", "shkoloty", "krasava" almost impossible, so actively using them in certain social groups.

There are respondents who are very annoying unfinished phrase "good" and "pleasant", said in response to a full-fledged "good morning" and "bon appetit." Why not finish until the end of the expression?

Some of the words annoy almost all respondents in this case it is not clear who they said. "Milk," "greenfinch", "nyamka", "devochkovoe" it is better not to use in his speech, so as not to bring others to a nervous breakdown.
san-anatol. I do not know. If this annoys you should not do in the forums and blogs to go. This is already a well-established form of communication. Say epistolary genre 19th and 20th centuries also differ slightly (to put it mildly) of everyday speech, and nothing, no one is sick. In short, it is necessary to go to the hospital would be checked for bias and inadequate response to the surrounding ...


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