Great words of inventor

Traditionally, not without mistakes took place on Thursday, 11 October 2012, the visit of President of Ukraine in Kherson. As the correspondent of the Internet publication News of Ukraine - From-UA, this time Victor F. with writers and geography moved to the bakery, inventing "kurosany" instead of croissants.
 - Vchora - said Viktor Yanukovych - I vіdkriv naybіlshy in Єvropі hlіbokombіnat. 250 tons hlіba in Dobou. Tse Persha Cherga ... We dermal population punktі shop yakomu prodaєtsya Tsey hlіb. And vie znaєte scho in svіtі Yea such statistics, scho tretina hlіba prodaєtsya At Night? The I little shop here at tsomu kava Yea, Yea semi-finished products, there i Seller obslugovuє Lyudin, yak come. Bun with poppy seeds KUROSANI s, s jam. On vischomu rіvnі! Well Yakscho Yea Bazhannya schos Vipiteno, TER Yea. Trіshechki, Yakscho mozhna vzhivati.
His next gaffe addressed the issue more seriously, we can say, strategic. He traveled the whole of the Khmelnitsky nuclear power plant in Kherson region: - In 2004 mu rotsі of pobuduvali two atomnі energobloki-mіlyonniki on Hersonskіy i Rіvnenskіy AEC - said the President.
Well, for a snack Viktor Yanukovych expressed confidence "scho power bude regulyuvati disproportsії", although it would be better to eliminate these disparities or, at worst, at least with them to fight.

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