On the run

Chelyabinsk - the birthplace of sweet glass.

When asshole begin to fly, you will become a squadron commander.

Primates need a group. They just have to sit and look over each other wool - that's you and all the Facebook and Twitter. James Cameron.

When his girlfriend changed her iPhone 4 iPhone 5 due to the fact that he was an inch longer, the guy got nervous ...
Waiting for the prince on a white horse? Behind him will need to clean up manure. For a horse too ...

Call me tomorrow at any convenient time for you from 7.15 to 7.20 am.

-dorrogoy me without you can not sleep)
-priezzhay sopemsya together)

From those who are hard to find, easy to lose and impossible to forget, is usually extremely difficult to get rid of.

If happiness has still not come to you, then it is a great and small steps.

Legend has it that there are women who are opening a cupboard know that will wear.

If you could choose between her love for life and unlimited internet in any place, on any site you would have gone first?


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