Can trucks come tearing Cadbury to success? (updated)

Continued Gorilla Cadbury was launched on the air this weekend, but whether it is worthy of its predecessor? Like the "Gorilla», «Truck» is based on the concept of outstanding rock soundtrack 1970/80 period. It shows a midnight race on the runway airport, with the participation of trucks, transporters, and other special equipment.
British Media Guardian today argues that repeat the success of the new movie "Gorillas.»

Created by agency Fallon London, clip «Truck» underlines the skill of director Juan Cabral. At present a great spot staging and lighting. And, of course, energy, which is ideal for music.

The video clearly has to repeated viewing. It makes you wonder whether all these things are happening behind the scenes of the terminal.

According to data from Fallon, three weeks spent on the preparation of trucks, the heaviest of which (blue) weighed 25 tons. Shots competition this tiny giant transporter are of interest and excitement.

Shooting lasted for 6 nights at the airport of Mexico City with the participation of the team of 140 people, two 35mm cameras and two cameras in high definition.

"We could create a Gorilla 2 and make it play the trumpet," says director of marketing for Cadbury Philip Rumbol. "But it would be too easy."

Gorillas of the success was a surprise - it was certainly a striking solution for such a big brand, because video was like a virus.

Indeed, advertising by word of mouth so much invested in the success - it has been viewed on YouTube more than 10 million times; more than 70, 000 people have subscribed to a variety of groups and fan clubs devoted to gorillas.

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Catchy combination provoked a dozen parodies of gorillas, who were posted on YouTube - in voice acting tracks 50 Cent's - In Da Club, Bonnie Tyler - Total Eclipse of the Heart, and many others.

At the spot «Trucks» certainly has advantages. It has the same weird charm, but it is unlikely he can change the perception of the brand in the same way as did its predecessor.

The gorilla was the advertising phenomenon of the last year - movie won many votes in the category "Favorite TV Advertising" award and the British Television Advertising Festival in the category "TV commercial of the year".

He also went down in history as the Cadbury roller restored to brand success after the 2006 events. Executive Director of Cadbury Todd Stitzer proclaimed 2007 the "Year of the Gorilla".

Using the track Phil Collins «In the Air Tonight» was a key factor in the success of the movie. Spot captured the imagination of the audience and helped the song to occupy an honored place in the top 10 on the British charts download ringtones and contributed to reissue CD Collins greatest hits. Hit band Queen «Do not Stop Me Now» was chosen for the movie «Trucks» from the list, which also means Bon Jovi with the hit «Living on a Prayer» and Europe with the group «The Final Countdown».

Choosing to continue the big hit is always associated with risk. Did the Cadbury a choice this time - it is a controversial topic, but at least they have avoided repeating the banal "Gorilla 2".

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