High prints in July

AdMe presents a selection of the best of prints in July.

1. "Ibutstsa! And Buzzi flies the audience !! "Rugby players are doing God knows what in advertising the World Cup Rugby World Cup will be held in the capital of love. BDDP & Fils commissioned by the Comite Regional du Tourisme Paris Ile-de-France (Regional Committee of Tourism Paris Ile-de-France) has developed the poster in connection with the Paris Rugby World Cup (Rugby World Cup).

2. 5 liters of water Villa del Sur and costs 4. Because nature has a payback (3 prints) Manufacture of mineral water offered to buy 5 liters for the price of 4 "against the debt of nature»

Charming freaks in advertising mineral water. Creators mock them or not, you can argue endlessly.

3. Ogilvy Bangkok touts stationery using shaded "nudity" (3 prints) Swimwear painted markers Prockey, are not washed off with water and protect from the sun

Girls in advertising pens do not hide anything, but you try something to consider! "Bronze»!

4. Beylerbeyi Cancers. Bourgeois values ​​in advertising Turkish vodka (3 prints) TBWA, Istanbul reveals the advantages of vodka Beylerbeyi Raki using unobtrusive Ponte

Imposingly Turkish burzhuychiki. Fourth place for Ponte

5. "Sex War" in advertising household chemicals TBWA / Chiat / Day, Los Angeles breaks stereotypes in advertising funds for home

6. Shaolin streetball and abusive headlines in the Chinese advertising campaign creator Nike Nike «Nike China Young Masters» described as embodied the idea of ​​"imperial Basketball»

7. The machine - a beast! BMW presents a navigation system animal-eye Publicis Mid America implements the concept of "car with the eyes of the beast»

The idea - super performance - super. The top ten!

8. Jung von Matt - talents are not of this world. They are ruled by God, angels, and the powers of hell What could be better than to promote art through advertising, claims to the same status?

We have to admit, are very fond of dill and scuffle.

9. They do not like you. But like your hair (3 prints) on posters beauty Soby brutally beaten people show amazingly styled hair.

Creativity and creativity in outdoor reklame.I needlework, yeah

10. Why have so stomps something? Packages Whiskas in origami-style British made "Japanese" advertising cat food

Diesel is impossible not to love. Well done!

11. Diesel again dreaming about the future. Fantastic creative !!! Marcell agency created a series of dark and beautiful prints to Diesel under the slogan «Human after all»

The poet's dream.

14. Brand of ultra-thin condoms from China HuanXiTang: no skins! Advertising agency ZR42128 AD from Shanghai (China), advertises condoms HuanXiTang, depicting a turtle without a shell and bananas without kozhurok.

Grim, creepy, but still beautiful. Respektische!

15. Laughing mushroom cloud in advertising the Playstation 3 by TBWA / Paris The French branch of TBWA developed print "Clown Mushroom» (Murshroom Clown) for the game console Playstation 3.

16. Simply, these people know 2 languages ​​South African agency Joe Public (Johannesburg) showed paintings are not for the faint of heart in advertising Africa-English dictionary Pharos Dictionaries.

17. Sensation! In Italy, new born Presley and Monroe ... Fiat 500 is very funny series of prints come from Italy for the new version of the legendary cars Fiat 500.

18. That is bullshit! I would like to know how this ad fashioned dog feces against Munich (Germany), operates a social organization Pro Dog, which is fighting for the city "without a bowel movement dog» (Munich without droppings).

Eaten alive! Cool art direkshn.

19. Camouflaged pig and a rooster in advertising funds from stomach pains. The agency Callegari Berville Grey developed a series of prints for drugs Gastro Instant Relief. By the way, try to discern here a pig and a rooster.

20. Henna on your memory. How to sell turputevku taking into account the specifics of the Indian. Managers Travel Corporation India know how to sell turputevku taking into account the specifics of the Indian. Where powerless words and photos, come to the aid of the local media vehicles - Henna Tattoo.

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