The top 15 spots in July

The site of this material presents readers the most memorable spots last mesyatsa.1. In the first place, of course, a masterpiece of Smirnoff - The extraordinary water purification Spot - a grandiose self-purification of the world's oceans: rising from the bottom of not only banks of beer, and colossal statues, planes from World War II and the old ships. Water splashes out on the land all the dirt that kopilas centuries. At the end of the video before the viewer is presented clean ocean.

2. Children have started the train on the loop. Science - it's cool! The campaign is designed for children who have to choose their profession - Swedish Hydro engineers hope so attract children's attention to engineering. The movie "Train" is made in the style of home-video and shows the destruction of the stereotype of "science - it's boring" - a few 13-year-olds satisfied on the rails a loop like a roller coaster, and let the train on it.

3. Music, exciting blood What could be better than to promote art through advertising, claims to the same status? This was the groundwork agency Jung von Matt / Elbe, when they began an advertising campaign for the famous musicians among team Konzerthaus Dortmund (Philharmonie Westfalen). Musicians began Philharmonic concert Wild young things («Junge Wilde», it.), Which is required to advertise.

4. The body as a weapon of struggle with himself and the world in the South African Campaign Nike's television ad going on the central channels of South Africa, was attended by African athletes in the country known and unknown, who had to fight for themselves and their sport, and they won. Narration is an earnest, almost fierce oath: "This is my body. And so I'm struggling. So I defend and deter attacks. My body - my arms. So I break his enemies. So I win my war. So I do my victory. This is my vow. And so I fight ».

5. Microsoft touts new games for Xbox using green clay Spot "Clay" is filmed in Stop Motion process is amazingly skillful modeling the main attributes of movies: spider and web, skull and bones, and Shrek himself. Then Clay gets the console itself and three CDs with games.

6. Women's fears. Almost social initiative network Peruvian department Minute spot "Fears" shows women who stop in front of something very important to them responsible, but scary. They make a few steps back, as if retreating from his fear, but actually it is steps to run, to rush toward fear and conquer it.

7. People-pictures in a new video Sony Cyber-Shot In the video the slogan, "You - this is what you photograph" received a direct, literal expression instead of the heads of the people walking on the streets - stands with photos.

8. The new video Zune - pacifist Shooting in the sky from the studio FullTank This video, like all the previous videos for Zune, by different agencies and prodakshenami meets the concept of an advertising campaign the player Zune, Microsoft's peak invented iPod: unifying slogan «Welcome to the social ! ", the two protagonists," druzhaschih against the world ", and« Dogfight »rather than a commercial video as high art. The difference of this work lies in the fact that the distribution of video among the audience will take place not only through the Internet. This is the first spot, which aired US television - broadcasting began July 1.

9. Huge biped Miller Lite, consisting of thousands of people and "The protagonist of" 60-second spot «Break From The Crowd» («Breaking away from the crowd"), proclaims the personality and the right to its own choice - a huge two-legged creature, consisting of thousands people collected them himself on the streets. It comes up to the bar on the beach, and people that make it, screaming something unintelligible, like the word «beer». And only one young man stands out from the crowd - he asks for Miller Lite, which is why the monster disintegrates, releasing its "details" to freedom.

10. Soviet circus, and everything in orange shorts! Imaginary series of rollers creatives joined Marriott Residence Inn rooms and beautiful elements and spectacular circus, giving them a calm pace and generosity. Each of the rollers 4 is one room and one of the hotel amenities.

In addition to the beautiful ideas and excellent Productions, the series is the dignity and wonderful atmospheric music Andrew Bird, reflecting the mood of the rollers and absolutely consistent with the spirit of the brand.

11. Jeep-heritage - all of American history
The video shows the key moments of modern American history, each of which is integrated Jeep

12. Candy Midas continued megauspeshnuyu advertising Skittles Man Woman leads to the man sitting at the table, to the demonstrated his amazing ability - Skittles turned into everything what it touches. They caught up, but the man does not share their emotions, he tells them how awful not to be able to take the hand of her newborn child and the other sad stories. Then Skittles turns phone that rang, and the table on which the hearts thumped the man.

13. Ace saves victims of shipwrecks Spot tells about a man, it turned out after the collapse of the high seas. He saves his life, wearing a white shirt, who had the foresight washed Ace.

14. Tiger Woods prophesied Federer win at Wimbledon in Nike's new video for 52 seconds, a minute spot, the viewer sees a small photo of Federer, video formation of his unique career tennis - a voice-over tells his biography. And only on the 53rd second of the show the audience "commentator" - smiling Tiger Woods. We have seen a lot of movies, dubbed the best golfer of all time?

15. And there came a sysadmin Happiness! Intel made the IT-specialists to sing songs about the bright future of nearly two three-minute video shot director, actor, writer and musician Christopher Guest. He wrote and the songs - «Everything Has Changed» («Everything has changed") and «Set IT Managers Free» («Free IT people"). They sing about the plight of system administrators and office workers, who are now all will be well.

The parody videos starring two relatively well-known in the US rock musician from different directions - they represent the unity of Hard and Soft solutions.



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