Scientists have found that people who rarely engaged in sports, smarter than the rest

We all know that movement is life, but not all like to move actively. Whether to blame these people lazy?

The website found that the reluctance to exercise can be caused by quite another cause, namely high intelligence.

To establish a link between physical activity and level of intelligence, a team of researchers from the University of Florida analyzed the behavior of 60 students, among whom were a typical honors — lovers to ponder, and those who are far from intellectual interests.

Before the experiment the students were asked to complete a questionnaire, which among others contained the following statement: "I like to take responsibility in a situation that requires careful consideration" and "I prefer to think not more than is necessary". According to the survey the students were divided into "thinkers" and those who possibly avoided the difficult task.

Then, for each participant in experiment put on sensors that measure physical activity. They had to wear during the week, with the result that it became clear that the "thinkers" are moving less than everyone else. The difference is especially noticeable on weekdays, and on weekends it is minimal.

Why is this happening? The authors of the study suggested that intellectuals rarely bored, they know what to do (e.g. reading), while other people have to find new ways of entertainment. And since they prefer to entertain the body, not the mind, their level of physical activity was higher.

Despite the results of the study, it is not necessary to use high intelligence as an excuse to dislike to physical exercise. Our body needs a regular workout to stay in shape, and it's hard to disagree.

Source Journal of Health Psychology,
Medical Daily
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