How to become a more attractive

Science has repeatedly confirmed that the attractive appearance has many advantages. People with symmetrical facial features healthier and more convincing, are considered more intelligent and credible. However, in order to become more attractive to the opposite sex does not necessarily have a stunning appearance. Here are some tips proven scientifically to help you become a charming and interesting. How to become more attractive? 1. Follow zubami

Studies at the University of Central Lancashire and Leeds in the UK confirmed chtobelye and straight teeth make us more attractive. Teeth - is the equivalent of a peacock's tail. They are a sign of good health, and genetics, which helps in choosing a partner. Yellow and widely spaced apart teeth are considered to be unattractive and may indicate childhood diseases, malnutrition, and genetic disorders. However, natural shade is considered to be more attractive than the bright white teeth. 2. Eat more fruits and ovoschey

Fruits and vegetables are naturally improve skin condition, confirmed the investigation. They are rich in antioxidants and plant pigments that give skin a healthy color. Moreover, this effect is observed almost immediately. After the participants have become a day to eat one serving of fruit and vegetables more, they had a healthy glow and the skin began to look radiant. 3. Take a ride on the American gorkah

Research has shown that the joint trip to the attraction may be the best aphrodisiac, and increase your attractiveness. Single people who rode with the opposite sex were assessed as more attractive. Although the same effect was not observed in people who are in a relationship. How to attract a man? 4. Most ulybaytes

Happiness - the most attractive emotion in women, and a simple smile makes women sexually attractive to men. Smile - it's one of the ways to become a contact, and men more likely to speak of a smiling woman. Remember that men like women, which can be nice to talk and laugh. 5. umnichayte

If a woman is looking for short relationships, it is not necessary to show their intelligence. That is the conclusion drawn by researchers of the University of Texas-Austin. The study found that men are most popular with women who looked silly and immature, and "sleepy and drunk," if they hoped for an affair. Women who looked smart and clear-minded, were considered less physically attractive. Fortunately, the opposite was true, if a man was looking for long-term relationships. 6. Carry a red lipstick

Scientists from the University of Manchester found that female lips are considered the most attractive part of the body, especially if they are painted with red lipstick. The study looked at men woman's lips, painted in red, as much as 7 seconds. At the same time they looked at the eyes of the women on average 0 and 95 seconds, and the hair of about 0, 85 seconds. Full lips are considered to be the most attractive feature in women, and women with thin lips were considered more attractive by 40 percent, after the makeup was applied. 7. Use your voice to become privlekatelnee

Forget about the sexy voice hoarse. Men are more interested in women with a high-pitched voice. Researchers from University College London found that men like women's high-pitched voice because it unconsciously creates the image of a small body. Deep male voice on the contrary considered attractive in women as talking about the larger structure of the body. Also men who spoke with a slight gasp, considered more sexy as this is indicative of less aggressive, despite the large figure. How to attract a girl? 8. Be sereznee

Thoughtful and serious men are much more attractive than the smiling, Canadian scientists have found the University of British Columbia. Women surveyed believed that happiness is the least attractive characteristics in men. Scientists attribute this to the fact that the smile on the face of a man perceived as a sign of femininity and less overbearing. Perhaps this explains why women so often attracted to "bad boys." 9. Shave off borodu

A recent study by researchers from New Zealand and Canada, showed that although the beard makes you look older and gives status, it makes men less attractive to women. Bearded men are perceived as more aggressive. However, another study found that the 10-day stubble was considered the opposite sex as the most attractive and most courageous. 10. Seem nepristupnee

Studies have confirmed that women often find men more attractive when it is not sure of their feelings to them than when they know that a man greatly interested in their person. On average, women were thinking about a man more if doubted whether she likes it or not. After that, many came to the conclusion that they like a man, because they can not "throw it out of my head." In general, the study found that if a man will hide some of their feelings early in the relationship and create a kind of riddle, he would rather win the attention of the opposite sex. 11. Wear a T-shirt with the letter «T»

Researchers from Nottingham Trent University have found that a simple T-shirt with large black letters »T» can make a man attractive. This shirt gives the illusion of broad shoulders and narrow the waist, causing the effect of the V-shape that women find sexy. At the same time, men wore a T-shirt with an inverted «T» were estimated at 12 percent of the women less attractive. 12. Learn to cope with stress

Women find men more attractive than less intense. The researchers measured levels of testosterone and cortisol stress hormone levels in men and women were asked to assess their attractiveness. It was found that most women like men with high testosterone and low cortisol. Researchers concluded that the ability to cope with stress points to "strong" set of genes, the stability of the partner and the ability to convey "good genes" offspring.



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