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A creative person and housing should be creative. With interesting, fun and comfortable pieces that adorn the life lyubogo.Tysyachi designers in the world every day coming up with new interesting furniture, dishes, lamps and other accessories that make a house a home, and enabling them to express their inhabitant of this house I pass him a piece of his soul. Among the hundreds of interior items we selected 15 most intimate, witty and sweet.

Pillows bliny

Americans eat thick pancakes, Pancake, putting them stacked and abundant watering their maple syrup. Designers - Todd van Bastiaans & Bryan McCarthy


And table lamps and a portable lamp in the event of a sudden power outage. She came up with the French designer Julien Bergignat.

Warm posuda

Pole Beata Faron proposed here is a way to warm up cold autumn evenings. Tying and does not burn, and at the same time gives heat.


Flowers set in a vase, invented Tania da Cruz, will represent hair.

Flower pots indicator poliva

Company New Arriwa from Bangkok came up with a nice reminder of watering houseplants. If the ground is wet, the protein sticks in the hollow at full height, and if she did not have enough water, she hides.


The designer Nika Zupanc has created a charming chandelier in the form of cherries. They can be traditional red and other colors to black.

Melting vremya

Watch inspired by a painting of Salvador Dali.


For those who have a lot of books, little space, but the two-storey house. The idea Levitate Architects, London.

Hooks syurikeny

Is screwed into the wall, creating the illusion of the recent attack on an apartment ninjas.

Embossed kover

It is much more convenient to watch TV. Though sitting, even on his stomach - and a sofa is not needed.

Shelves for kotov

And animals comfortable, and under the feet do not get confused.

Outgoing kreslo

The set includes two chairs and a lot of soft rods, from which you can create drawings. Designer Laura Väinölä

Sofa transformer

It seems to be a common thing - a foldout sofa. But not like this, which turns into a bunk bed. Sofas in mass production, their Italian factory produces Clei. Design - MobelForm.


Lamp caps came up with two Japanese Hironao Tsubot, it can be bought for $ 200.


Recycle Bin, which itself draws a waste if to push him to it.

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