Legend of glass tunnels

Today let's talk about another Martian legend, which appeared 10 years after the famous "face", but do not become so famous. "Glass Subway" looked at the pictures of the spacecraft Mars Global Surveyor. At that time, the satellite has the most powerful camera and his research greatly enriched science knowledge about the fourth planet.

It also spawned a few new pictures of myths that are not allowed to sleep quietly fans Martians. Some footage discovered unusual landforms that someone seemed half dug (or buried) glass tunnels with transverse ribs skeleton.


The logic of such assumptions is clear: if life and civilization have not found on the surface, it is necessary to look in depth - there is something they are hiding. Until now meet periodically comments "We have to drill deeper," and so "glass tunnels" were treated as US rovers were just beginning their work. 555

Fortunately, we now know about Mars is much more than 20 years ago. Now on the surface of the planet has two rovers, which together held more than 50 kilometers, and in-orbit satellites fly MRO which removes surface in the resolution of reach for even the most Earth devices - up to 26 cm per pixel. Thanks to their research can already with great certainty say that Mars has never been not that of civilization, and even complexly living organisms. Only microbes still in question: whether had or did not have.

Thanks MRO, we can consider the "glass tunnels" is much better and closer than ever before.

And even closer

And very close.

And again:

As we can see, we have no tunnels, cracks and probably of volcanic origin, and the "frame" - it's just a cross the sand dunes.

Thus, the "glass tunnels on Mars" - another wonderful demonstration of how the human imagination and desire miracle capable dim brain, creating new myths of XX and XXI centuries.



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