10 books that have conquered the prominent writers

always interesting to find out what inspires outstanding writers on the work that changes their world view. Today Website offers a glimpse of what the book had a huge impact on the well-known authors. Perhaps one of us can gain something new. And someone will be glad that admires the same book as the favorite writer

JK Rowling -. Jane Austen's "Emma"

The author of the saga of Harry Potter inspired by "Emma" Jane Austen, where the plot has some magnetic effect - even despite the lack of epic scenes, the story draws, attracts the reader for a

Victor Pelevin - Mikhail Bulgakov "The master and Margarita"

The first book that made Victor Pelevin lasting impression was Mikhail Bulgakov's novel "Master and Margarita". For him Pelevin ran away from school for a long time, and read the new chapter in the school library. Until now, this work for the writer Bulgakov - a certain image of man's freedom from the snare of his circumstances and the influences of the outside world

George Martin -. John Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings"

George Martin, who gave the world the "Game of Thrones" back in high school, was reading "Lord of the Rings" by John Tolkien, and this work is still his favorite. However, in 2014 the writer has another favorite - "Station Eleven" Emily Mandel. Martin argues that the time has not yet come back to this novel, filled with the dreamy melancholy mood

Sergei Lukyanenko -. Arthur Conan Doyle, "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes"

Sergey Lukyanenko, a Russian writer, the author of six novels about light magician Anton Gorodetsky, love stories of Sherlock Holmes and his friend Doctor Watson, "for the faith of the author and heroes in justice and in the power of human reason»


Stephen King - William Golding "Lord of the flies"

By working in the genre of horror, mystery and thriller, especially among the highlights of their favorite books of the novel "Lord of the Flies" by William Golding. Not once in his life King admitted that the "Lord of the Flies" - a work that he would like to write myself

Sergei Dovlatov -. Anton Chekhov, novels and short stories

Sergei Dovlatov has repeatedly said that he wants to be like in the works of Chekhov, whose stories and novels moralizing do not sin, but the reality and the characters described in incredibly vivid, bright and realistic.

< br> Boris Akunin - Alexandre Dumas 'The Three Musketeers'

It is this history awakened in Boris Akunin interest in literature: "This is a book that taught me to love books and to make sure that the best adventure - a reading»

Ernest. Hemingway - Leo Tolstoy's "War and peace"

Ernest Hemingway never ceased to admire Russian classics: "I do not know anyone who would write about the war better than Tolstoy. I like "War and Peace", love for the marvelous, heartfelt and truthful description of the war and the people »

Joseph Brodsky -. WH Auden, Poems

For Brodsky WH Auden was not only respected contemporary, but an idol. Russian poet was lucky to get acquainted with the main author of his life, even if the latter was already quite old and his English was barely understandable Brodsky.

Ray Bradbury - Herman Melville "Moby Dick or The White Whale"

Perhaps a bit surprising to see among the favorite books of science fiction Ray Bradbury's "Moby Dick", imbued with the spirit of Romanticism. However, in an interview with the writer claimed that this novel, even after more than 50 years, has a great influence on his work.

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