The choice is always with you

Remember the feeling of childhood, when you were five years old and you're going to play with other children? And suddenly they hurt you. You, of course, pouts and walks away sad on the bench. You sit there and think to himself: "How could they like that?ยป

And after some time, children come up to you. They have all come to realize realize that without you all, and again called to play. You torzhestvuesh himself, but his lips in any case not decompress. Do you really want to go with them, but they wronged you very unfair. You can not forgive them today. And stayed on the bench alone.

And the children shrugged their shoulders, and ran pouhmylyalis more in his game. Shout out there, jumping, falling, grimace. Do you think that this is all nonsense, and one that you are well. And going to the sandbox sculpting mud pies. Such good kulichiki obtained, you clap their shovel, admire. Still kosishsya towards other children, silently staring. And you think, that they would once again you called! And they are no longer called ...

And then you really start to get angry. What is so bad that the world is like that against you, and you're so good. And, in general, how to have fun when the world is so terrible when there's so much injustice ?! Mom forced to wear pantyhose with two stripes on the priest, a teacher in a kindergarten did not like your cat picture, Santa Claus brought under the tree cap and mittens, and you wanted the railroad ... And in anger his foot trample mud pies.

It's easy to dislike the world. To do this, you do not need any effort. A couple of times stumble, make mistakes, unrequited love, quarrel with one another. Decide what the world is all special makes you special torments. What did he just needs a lot of you, but from harm nothing. Start talking thoughtfully philosopher tone that I understood everything. What's life - it's nothing. A couple of events between birth and death. Foolish are those who are waiting for happiness and joy. They do not understand anything. World of evil, it continuous injustice. And we are here to suffer, to say at the end of life: "Look at my scars. I was very unhappy - now I deserve

better. " Personally, I'm talking about our world know not many. About his idea and the deep meaning of life. Someone thinks that everything - a hologram, someone - an alien experiment. I dont know. I only know what the other world I have not. And it is good, because I like it. Do you know what its main plus? What choice is yours.

Always you. As then, as a child, with mud pies.

Stay away unjustly offended or run skipping play with other children. Jump, fall, grimacing.


Author: Olga Demidyuk specifically for the Website
Photos on the preview: timurganiev



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