PHRASE that can have a striking effect on men


1. My Favorite (this is IMPORTANT: don't use the word Dear, this word no longer contains the desired information. On the contrary, this word in relation to men is glamorous and campy color);

2. Strong (I think, no comment here)

3. The bravest (most importantly, to say with a complete lack of irony)

4. You're the best (awesome phrase, it works for almost all types of men of all ages)

5. Sexy (Oh yeah!)

6. Smart (stunning effect – the word bomb!)

7. Generous (These guys think they are, however, not real Jews, too)

8. Clever, well done (don't hesitate: use these words generously and often, and you will be happy!)

9. Unmatched (in specific case)

10. Stunning

11. You make me feel so good (after close, just so, a great phrase, which is never enough!);

12. You excite me (and still "stick" – and to be honest, it is a treasure for intimate relationships, the phrase-hook);

13. I miss you so much (a good phrase, if you separated);

14. I admire you (no comment!)

15. I love you so much (often, constantly tell HIM this phrase, believe me – it works!)

16. You make me laugh (strange, but why? the boys love that crazy phrase, checked on her!)

17. Only you understand me (Often, with soulful tone, the result will be great!)

18. You know me from and to (Wonderful phrase, gives rise to trust, it's important to do the opposite way, otherwise will not work)

19. You're the one for me (Pamper their male Ego!)

20. I love your touch (Let them learn, dearly beloved, they will be helpful where woman is nice and what is not)

21. For you I'm like a stone wall (Once a week is a great frequency of use)

22. I breathe you (you can change the ending to "they live")

23. I don't know what I'd do without you (As they (men) dream about it so often, with just the right tone and tenderness in his eyes.)

24. With you I'm so cool (the same effect as in the phrase "stone wall")

25. You are so smooth (subtle compliment)

26. I'm happy for you (an Elegant phrase, which is 90% of the male population)

27. I don't want you I ever got over the (small suggestion)

28. I can't stop looking at you (Psychologists say that men are more likely than the lovely ladies look in the mirror, and that means it works!)

29. I will love you forever (No pathos, it is better to say "always")

30. I miss your arms (Great phrase, which is 100% working when you are apart)

31. I'm sorry (works on all 100, no need to beg him to forgive, say 150 words to better say it)

32. You're insatiable (Men dream to be like that, tell them THAT! )

33. I'm so lonely without you (Good energy, often tell him on the phone, emails, SMS)

34. I can't wait, when will I see you (Logical, worth a try, most likely, he "eat")

35. I miss you so much (by phone, letter stunning effect)

36. I don't need anything but your love. (Yes, nice wording, here you are implying that you need it to be what it is without cars, apartments and others. They appreciate it.)

37. I trust you in all things (a Good phrase to work)

38. I will follow you to the ends of the earth (you Can also use "earth", "planet")

39. You're my Prince on a white horse (or Mercedes. Use only to close people)

40. Just be with me (Yes, they, the boys, still believe in "just")

41. I'm so grateful for all that you did for me (works fine-tested phrase, works 100%)

42. I want to be with you forever (oddly enough, despite some pathos, this sentence, which carried a lot of men. Try it.)

43. I want to Wake up next to you every morning (Chic magnet, act, girls!)

44. It kills me to think of leaving you (and sometimes it can be, if not often the case!)

45. I have never and no one so loved! (Don't say it very often, and the man begins to think, and how many of them were, most of these "nobody" and what is it that went wrong, and suddenly...? WELL, you get the idea!)

46. Can you be so gentle (great phrase, let them believe it and will become softer, dorks!)

47. Your kisses drive me crazy (though often trying)

48. I go crazy when you look at me (Albeit looking more and more closely, we only use)

49. When you're gone I feel so bad (sometimes, but not very often, it can be consumed)

50. I could not have dreamed that I could meet you (Yes, sentence-hook)

51. My life became bright when I met you (Efficiently, it is worth to use)

52. I don't have enough words to Express how much I love you (Phrase-lighter in the relationship, say once a week or a little less)

53. You're the man of my dreams (Oh yeah! The logical conclusion of this worthy list of phrases, frequency – approximately every 5-7 days, not more).

In a word, girls, remember and apply in daily life the phrase which is any (even the most cautious) man! Using these words you can easily re-fall in love with her husband or to win the heart of any guy.

And another important secret of success: speak these phrases sincerely from the heart. This is very important because men (as well as us girls feel false).



P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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