He, his wife which he hates and I

Let's talk about it. Let's touch on, raise, Stolychne this eternal theme. He, his wife whom he doesn't love, and I, from which it no mind. Bright, juicy, sour-sweet poisoned Apple.

We'll talk about it, because we both hunt. Because I have something to say, and you need to hear this. Because I took the path of most resistance, you lathered the ski. Put them to the stove and look, what say you old wise Kaa.

I have repeatedly caught in this triangle. The balance of power been different, the development of the plot too. To me left forever to settle down to live happily ever after, I never left and I ran myself. But it always sucks to end. Okay to just stop. It has always been bad, I no cheated. And cheated I feel different. This is what we are with you and we'll talk.

Twenty seven million eight hundred ninety seven thousand forty seven

The myths and legends of the adult girl who got a sharp heel into the belly of an alien family but trying to keep the facial expression the most innocent. Because the case is exceptional. The latest in history. Unique. The love here, guys. I'm not some kind of predator. I'm honest. And it is not my fault, he came!
In short, go!

Myth # 1.Relationship with a married man is morally wrong, but in our case, is love.

Nope. It's still immoral. Theft is theft, even if it is stolen in the name of someone good. Maybe time and knock off — but the plant is still planted. And if I steal to benefit themselves — even thrown. Don't kid yourself, you're being immoral. Against human laws. And there is no love there is no excuse. About love is another story. I'm even talking about it here will not. But if you all the time it hurts and sometimes it is not a sign of love.

Myth # 2. If I the wife do not see means it does not exist.

It exists. Every morning, day and sorry night too. She lives in his phone, and not always says shit to him. Sometimes, she says she missed you and asking for candy. And he smiles and writes something, from what you and I have blushed to the ears. They have their evening rituals, hints, jokes understandable only to them. They have a life in which there was not you. And it is for him hell has a value.

That's why he's lying to you in parting with your sad eyes and suddenly runs there. Homeward. For his wife. Trust me, it exists. Very exists. And she does it every day. I had the good fortune to be friends with the wife of my male santabarbara my mind was doing strange somersaults. I was shocked at how similar they are. These are very close people with a great overall backpack. However, she was honest and kind. And much loved, even me, because I was at the time in its habitat.

Myth # 3. He does not love her, he is with her nothing to talk about.

Here stop. Let's order. She's the one he made the offer to spend a life together. Or just agreed to it. He bowed the knee or choose a special place, he made up words or inert listened to her. But he did this step, you would not believe. He did with her what seems not dare with you.

To live together, every fucking day. To see her in curlers, eating its branded eggs, to choose a perfume on the eighth of March, to go to the stupid shops for a warm jacket for himself and a new hat for her. And so all his life, right? Wife is not a swear word. It is a measure of determined men. And, apparently, the extent of his real feelings. And the hike there was a strategic reserve of this feeling and of this determination. Where do they put it? It is their problem, baby. . Not ours with you.

Myth # 4. He loves me.

Again stop. Reread the previous paragraph. And try again repeat this mantra. If not rolled — touch the ears. Remove them from adhering to the noodles, and cease to love them. Ears — not for love, no. They are to listen to music, birds singing, breathing your baby. And about the love men learn to judge by his actions. So what he did out of love for you? Just take in garlic. He gleefully exulting brought you to the world? He took you to your fucking mom on them indefinitely distant suburban area? (don't lie, that for you it does not matter).

He attended to a question of your values, and include them in plans of their actions? He is honest in his intentions, and is open to real not undercover relationship? He has something to offer you, except the scanty of words and zaparoleny appearances? He bought the damn ring, chose a damn romantic place and picked the right damn words? It is important for him what are you sweating at night when suddenly wonder — did he have sex with his wife??? And suddenly! (Don't want to upset you, but most likely Yes, they're married.

And the lousy — it won't be cheating you, no. You're not my wife. It's her he's cheating with you). In short, he at least did something to confirm his endless SMS-and-tear of revelations? Or he was hanging on your ears and noble harping back on his lost life and responsibility for those who tamed? In short, look at the ears. And use them as directed. And better, at least temporarily fill them with wax, as the old wizard from Cinderella to the evil people using them for their "love".

Myth # 5.I all completely satisfied, I am a man of broad modern views.

... a Russian man, even too broad, I'd narrowed! © We now don't touch on the topic of trade transactions, it is not interesting. We are not a business where a man gets his bull rush, and the woman owed the bonus. We are about love, ears, modernism and geometry. We — the soul. Let's rewind and try to find that moment in your life that you castrated themselves for the sake of something. You became Boyko to talk about freedom, equality and fraternity.

You decided that the full diet — too much, enough sandwiches on the run. When you slammed fairy tales for children with pictures about the knight and the Princess in the tower, about the victory over the dragons and kaschei, about "the only woman and the only man", and chose his ideal Samantha Jones. Look, it is necessary to you? Are you really so? There is another organ in the human body. The heart is called. Try to listen to it, it there is nothing aches? You do fine with a quick purepecha at the hotel?

Or do you want radiant, open, fabulous, damn chivalrous devotion? Be honest with this body. Because that's what it was created for love. And believe me, in our unconscious of our time — the love is still there. And it is still the same — honest, open, ready for anything. She finally can not change. She at all times one.

Myth # 6. It "ripen" will come to me, and we all will be different. We — will be happy.

Been there tell. "Matures", came over and we had all the same shit, 4 years, with complications. But I was already at the place of his wife in this geometrical equation. Because it's not her, his hateful wife. And that shit can not work in the relationship, and used to run after the quick dope on the side. He's just not able to take responsibility for their choices. To be honest and loyal.

To be in sorrow and in joy. He needs someone third, fourth, tenth to take the "soul" and the loins. Maybe one day it will change, it can not be excluded. But change it is not "your love", baby. Your love is not able to form someone else's moral frame. This is a personal work of all, alone. So get ready for a dizzying flights under the big top — the place of his former wife. When he and his suitcase will be knocking on your door.

Myth # 7. Their relationship has long been flagged, and I had nothing to do with it. Our love became a catalyst in this reaction, half-life, blah blah blah.

Yeah, and in the bushes happened to be Royal. Let's start with the basics. What should fall — will fall apart without our involvement. But if not collapsed — so holds. And it is not necessary to put a charge of dynamite under that crooked, askew, but worth it. We have no copyright violations on this building.

It is someone else's. And it is bad it holds that all of our tears, recriminations, anguish, delicious dinners and fishnet stockings not able to destroy it? One friend, decorating my noodles auditory organs, called their marriage "business project" in the name of the child. It took me a while to understand that not every business is able to survive 10 years. Campaign, their project is not so bad, alas me wretched.

Myth # 8. These are my feelings, and I love him — whoever he was.

Here the most zapadlo. Here the myth of unconditional love. And through it is really difficult to Wade... Then you have to deal with "Love" with a capital L, and the topic is slippery, a lot of people on her legs broke... but come on Love, come on. Try to understand — who do you love? His? Or "light image" which is not a fact that is relevant to the original. Most likely no, because the producer of this image is you. And this is the real guy made by someone else.

And the chance that your drawings matched the minimum. You know it's real? He argues that such expensive creams his wife to anything, like a moan when it is sent for vegetables, does not want to play with my son, and wants to watch football? Love is a daily act of collective action, weaving, creativity. And the field of his living reality. And she's the only one. Everything else — maybe not a bad thing, but it's fantasy. Here it is critical not to confuse these two poles.

Myth # 9. They're not married. Officially.

On a drum. It is not free. Run, Forrest, not yet screwed.

And the paradox of it is, most likely it is good. His wife. And perhaps you much like and meet you in the canteen, the swimming pool or at the training you'd like each other. And become buddies. It is not bad, only because you worth it. Try making a Mature decision not to do her shit. From the principle. Of female solidarity. From a simple conviction that it does not dazzle candy. Components are not the same.

How to learn to understand life's lessons

The only important desire...


All these myths — I creates itself, and destroyed itself, in the delirium of asymmetrical relationships trying to find their stable happiness. Price of broken heads, broken heads and broken heads. I had big problems with love and geometry. And finally, I allow myself a small, but practical advice (although you about it and didn't ask).

If a married man came to you — you didn't like it, put your hands up to the sky and be thankful Jesus, Allah, the universe, or someone, in whom you believe. And quietly crawl, without entering into dialogues.

If he was cute — and-run, no turning back, pray on the road. But if suddenly It strike you as mysterious in its own way unfortunate and to some congenial — then the speed issue becomes decisive. The maximum speed and the distance that you will have time to escape.

Then, catching his breath, and feeling the proximity of the canadian border, the whisper of some guardian, who is responsible for your safety: urgently-urgently, help me! Save me from this! Well, when you find someone who is 100% ready to be with you, to be old-fashioned, faithfully, always remember the good word of the old wise Kaa. It will be nice. He is also so to say marked. That once the moth is not lit on this candle.published  


Author: Irina PE


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