The British began to get more energy from the Sun than from coal

Over the past six months the solar panel in the UK produced more energy than power plants running on coal. The volume of generation of solar panels in the UK rose by a quarter. According to the website Carbon Brief, for the first time Britain has produced more solar than coal energy in may and once in July. From June to September in the country was recorded in the first quarter, and now half of the year, when coal lost to the Sun.


According to Carbon Brief, solar panels in Britain produced approximately 6964 GWh of electricity for the second and third quarter of 2016. The share of solar energy is 5.2% of the country's needs in electricity for the semiannual period, which is almost 10% higher than those produced during the same time 6342 GWh coal-fired power plants.

It should be emphasized, writes CleanTechnica that the success of solar energy is directly linked to the cycles of nature, and "about three-quarters of the annual solar energy produced in the Sunny half of the year, from April to September." It is not surprising that in the winter months dominated by coal.


However, statistics show that the dominance of coal is gradually eroding, and if in January 2015 station coal produced almost 10 000 GWh, in January 2016 — not more than 5,000 GWh, when compared with September, the annual reduction was 65%. Over the past year the amount of produced solar energy in the UK increased by 26%, although new capacities are introduced less because of reduced subsidies.

Solar panels can be installed not only on roofs and in fields. For example, in Idaho startup, Solar Roadways has installed prototypes of the road surface from the solar tiles that generate electricity, and in winter melt snow and ice. Each tile is equipped with 300 LEDs offering 16 million different colors — just for beauty. published



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