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Facial skin requires daily, consistent and quality care. Therefore, the availability of cosmetics in this case plays a significant role. Panthenol – an inexpensive and effective solution to most skin problems, including delicate and sensitive areas around the eyes.


In modern cosmetology the use of panthenol common, is not surprising. Simple at first glance, the composition has a strong and deep impact on cells and tissues. The composition includes panthenol provitamin B5 (formed from Pantothenic acid) – essential to upgrade, repair, prevent aging of the epidermis component.

In addition, it strengthens the produced collagen fibres and has anti-inflammatory effect in case of damage, irritation of the skin.

The rapidly growing popularity of the drug has contributed to the production of a large range of products: Pantothenic ointment, cream, spray and balm. So, now everyone will choose a more suitable, acceptable use option.

Panthenol cream also contains the Pantothenic acid derivatives, a number of other useful components:

  • tocopherol (vitamin E), which is actively involved in the fight against wrinkles, dryness and dullness of the skin;

  • saturated fatty acids like Shea butter and peach extract to prevent aging, aging of cells and stimulate their division (regeneration).

Thus, the action components of the drug is aimed at the restoration, promotion and renewal of tissues, which leads to wrinkles and increase elasticity of the skin.


Panthenol is absolutely non-toxic, can be used during pregnancy and lactation without adverse effects on the child. It is convenient for any category of women.

Pantothenic tool has a large range of advantages. Among them:

  • rapid renewal and cell regeneration;

  • activation generate a large amount of collagen, contributing to smoothing facial wrinkles;

  • effective and fast healing of microcracks;

  • anti-inflammatory, getting rid of redness, pimples;

  • internal normalization of metabolic processes in the cells, hydration and nutrition;

  • protect epidermis from the negative effects of the environment;

  • the mask on the basis of panthenol can be used on wrinkles around the eyes, despite the increased sensitivity of the face.

It should be noted that the value of the drugs estimated by manufacturers lifting creams, many of them have included components of the drug in their lineup. Not to overpay and to be 100% sure of purity, environmental friendliness and benefits of cosmetics, you can create a nourishing, moisturizing and anti-aging mask at home.

The only drawback, a side effect of the drug is possible allergic reaction to a component that is very rare. Women with high sensitivity the drug is not recommended.


  • The method of application of panthenol depends on the form of the drug (ointment, cream, spray or gel). For dry, sluggish skin better suited cream for oily and combination spray. The atomization of the spray is performed at 15-20 cm from the surface of a person, excluding contact with mucous membranes of eyes, mouth.

  • To use the gel and the ointment in its pure form is not recommended (can clog pores), it is better to prepare a treatment mask with a combination of both.

  • Apply Pantothenic mask better after steaming then and bedtime, a positive trend in the fight against wrinkles in your face guaranteed. However, don't overdo it! Enough to use a treatment 1-2 masks per week with short breaks (for example, use 14 days – 7 days).

  • Apply the mask it is mandatory to cleansed skin, otherwise the expected results will fail to achieve or it will be minimal.


  • Previously well rasparte face to increase the capacity of penetration of nutrients deep into the epidermis. Pores should be clean and open.

  • We will need 1 tsp of ointment or gel, panthenol, 2-3 drops of camphor and 23 drops of tea tree extract. Thoroughly mixed mixture in a thin layer spread on the face, leave on for 25-30 minutes.

  • Remnants rinse with warm water, apply nutrient remedy, do not contain alcohol.

  • Lightness, elasticity and hydration of the skin, you will feel already after the first year of application.


  • Catherine, 39 years: Panthenol use for 7 years. The mask of calm are not only wrinkles, but prevents the appearance of new. Expensive cream not everyone can afford, unlike this tool, but the result is not worse. The main thing is to follow the recommendations on the preparation, use of therapeutic mixtures of the drug. Good luck and good health to all!

  • Olga, 42 years: Pantothenic ointment is an indispensable tool for healing of cracks, wounds and bruises. Already 2 years I use to fight aging, aging of the skin. Tone, elasticity of the tissues noticed immediately, after some time, got rid of "crow's feet". Ointment is absolutely harmless even to sensitive areas of the face around the eyes. I recommend to try Panthenol wrinkle you! published

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