The manuscript of Mozart will be exhibited at Sotheby's

The family of a Jewish musician to auction a manuscript of Mozart taken from Nazi Germany for 500 thousand pounds.

A rare manuscript of a famous composer, written at age 16, one of the most important lots that appeared at auction over the last decade. In 1938, Rudolf Goetz was preparing to escape from Nazi Germany and gained a valuable historical thing, for a relatively small amount. Daughter of Goetz decided now to put a valuable instance at Sotheby's with a starting bid of half a million pounds. In the 19th century a resident of Vienna gave the manuscript to the Abbey in lower Austria, where she was purchased by a collector of Mozart by max singer, who sold the manuscript to the Jewish immigrant. Initially, the family offered to buy the Abbey and the Mozart Museum in Salzburg is a memorable thing, but they refused because of too large amount.



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