Wolfgang Mozart

Average prodigy

Mozart, as you know, was a child prodigy: a four-year kid wrote his first concerto for klavira, and takoy complex that hardly anyone in European virtuosos IO to fulfill it. When a loving father took the baby neokonchennuyu notation, he exclaimed in amazement:
- But this concert is so difficult that no one can play!
- What nonsense, father! - Said Mozart - it can play even a child. For example I have.

Difficult childhood

Mozart's childhood was a continuous succession of speeches and music lessons. At numerous concerts in different parts of Europe miracle child entertained the audience with high-society: playing the piano score with your eyes closed - the father of his face covered with a handkerchief. The same handkerchief to close the keyboard, and the baby copes with the game.

At a concert on the stage suddenly came a cat ... Mozart stopped playing and all rushed to her feet. Forgetting about the audience, the young genius began play with the animals, and an angry shout father replied:
- Well, Daddy, even a little bit, because the harpsichord is not going anywhere, and the cat will go ...


After the speech, a little Mozart in the imperial palace, the young Archduchess Marie Antoinette decided to show him her luxurious home. In one of the halls of the boy slipped and fell on the floor. Archduchess helped him to his feet.
- You are so kind to me ... - said the young musician. - I think I'll marry you.

Marie Antoinette told her mother about it.

The Empress asked with a smile little "groom»:
- Why do you want to marry her Highness?
- Out of gratitude, - answered Mozart.


Once, when a seven-year Mozart gave concerts in Franfkurte am Main, after the speech he was approached by a boy of fourteen.
- You are so wonderful game! - He said to the young musician. - I never did learn ...
- What are you! -udivilsya little Wolfgang. - It's that simple. And you did not try to write music? .. Well, write melodies that come into your head ...
- I do not know ... I can think of only poetry ...
- Wow! - Admired baby. - Probably, it is very difficult to write poetry?
- No, quite easily. You try ... interlocutors Mozart was young Goethe.


Once a senior dignitary Salzburg decided to talk to the young Mozart, who had already gained worldwide fame.

But turning to the boy? Mozart say "you" - uncomfortable, too big thank him and say "you" - too much honor, for a boy ...

After much deliberation this gentleman finally found convenient, as it seemed to him an appeal to young celebrities.
- We were in France and England? We have had great success? - Asked the dignitary.
- I've been out there, sir. But here I have to admit, anywhere but Salzburg have not seen! - Wolfgang replied simple.

Desire academician

In seven years, Wolfgang wrote his first symphony in twelve years - first opera "Bastien and Bastienne". In Bologna Academy there was a rule not to accept anyone as a member of the Academy under twenty-six years. But for the child prodigy Mozart was an exception. He became an academician of the Bologna Academy at fourteen ...

When his father congratulated him, he said:
- Well now, dear father, when I was an academician, I can go on for half an hour just to walk?

Knight of the Golden Spur

Vatican only once a year was executed giant devyatigolosnoe Allegri composition for two choirs. By order of the Pope score of this piece carefully guarded and nobody showed. But Mozart after listening only once this work, recorded it by ear. He wanted to make a gift for his sister Nannel - give her notes, which are available only with the Pope ...

Learning about the "kidnapping", the Pope came to the astonishment and making sure that the musical notation is flawless, Mozart was awarded the Order of the Knight of the Golden Spur ...

What is a chord?

Once Mozart decided to play a trick on Salieri:
- I wrote a little piece for harpsichord, which will not be able to execute a single person in the world, except ... me! - He told his friend.

Looking notes Salieri exclaimed:
- Alas, Mozart, you also do not you manage to play it. After all, there must be two hands to perform the most difficult passages, and at opposite ends of the keyboard! And it is at this point it is necessary to take a few notes in the middle of the keyboard! Even if you play a foot, still will not be able to fulfill written - too fast paced ...

Mozart, very pleased, laughed, sat down at the piano and play ... performed exactly as it was written. A complex chord in the middle of the keyboard ... it took a nose!


One day, making paper with information about their income, Mozart stated that as court composer of Emperor Joseph he receives a salary of eight hundred guilders, and made the following remark: "This is too much for what I do, and too little for what could do »...

You see, what's the matter.

Once turned to Mozart young man who wanted to become a composer.
- How to write a symphony? - He asked.
- But you are still very young to the symphony, Mozart said, - why not start with something simpler, like a ballad?
- But you-you have composed a symphony when you were nine years old ...
- Yes, - agreed to Mozart. - But I did not ask anybody how to do it ...

Return the favor

A close friend of Mozart was a great joker. Deciding to play Mozart, he sent him a huge bundle, in which there was nothing but wrapping paper and a little note: "Dear Wolfgang! I am alive and well! »

A few days later the joker got a huge heavy box. Opening it, he found a large stone on which was written: "Dear friend! When I received your note, this stone fell from my heart! »

Alms in Mozart

Once on the streets of Vienna, the composer turned a poor man. But the money when the composer himself was not there, and Mozart invited accident go to a cafe. Sitting at the table, he took from his pocket a paper and a few minutes wrote a minuet. Mozart gave this work beggar, and advised to go to one publisher. He took the paper and went to the address, not really believing in success. Published looked at minuet ... and gave the beggar five gold coins, saying that it is possible to bring these works yet.

Totally agree with you!

One of the envious Haydn once in conversation with Mozart said with disdain about the music of Haydn:
- I would never have written.
- I, too, - said Mozart alive - and you know why? Because neither you nor I never would have thought of those lovely melodies ...

A musician ready to go to Russia.

Once the Russian ambassador in Vienna Andrey Razumovsky Potemkin wrote that he had found some distressed musician and artist by the name of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, who is ready to embark on a long journey to Russia, as he had nothing to feed her family. But apparently, Potemkin at that time was not up to it, and Razumovsky letter remained unanswered, and Mozart without earnings ...

I have Constance?

Earning quite decent fees, Mozart, however, always had to borrow money. Received for performance at a concert thousand guilders (amount fabulous!), He had already sat through two weeks without money. Aristocratic friend Wolfgang, who he tried to take, was surprised to see:
- You have no castle or stables or expensive mistresses, no pile of children ... What do you do with money, my dear?
- But I have a wife, Constance! - Fun recalled Mozart. - She - my castle, my herd of thoroughbred horses, my lover and my bunch of kids ...

Wonderful bow

Once a clear summer night Mozart and his wife Constance went for a walk. On the main street of Vienna in the famous fashion store they encountered dandy carriage, from which fluttered delightfully dressed girl.
- What is elegant! - Constance exclaimed, - me more than anything else like her belt, and especially red bow, which he fastened.
- I'm glad - cheerfully replied brilliant husband - what do you like it bow. Because only on him and we have enough money ...

Did you know?

Few people know that the son of Wolfgang Mozart - Franz Xaver Mozart - almost thirty years he lived in Lviv. He organized in choral society, teaching children to play the piano, he gave concerts and conducted the orchestra. In Lviv, he wrote pieces for piano on the motives of Ukrainian folk songs. And to this day in the Lviv Conservatory Lysenko music sounds created by the son of Wolfgang Mozart.


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