What makes a child prodigy

According to the psychologist, for the emergence of a prodigy need several usloviy

Little Wolfgang Mozart was born into a family of musicians, but even they hit his talent. In three years, he learned to play piano books elder sister and soon surpassed her, although she was five years older.

In five years, Wolfgang has already given international concerts and writing music. When he was eight, British naturalist Barrington Danes decided to hold for a little Mozart's test: gave the boy has recently written a play with five parties. He sat at the piano and just started playing, and he saw the play for the first time.

Barrington wrote about this in his diary:

«He never before this score did not see, but played like a real master of the symphony, observing cycles in accordance with the concept of the composer».

blockquote> Usually these children are called talented or gifted, but Mozart was a miracle. The study is these children engaged a psychologist at Ohio State University Joanna Ratsets.

These children, like Mozart are born rarely. In five or ten million children, there is one such child. During his academic career Ratsets studied more than 30 geeks - more than anyone before her.

The first child prodigy, with whom she worked, was two years old. The child appeared on the cover of the magazine «People» in 1990 and was able to play the music he had heard in church only once. Ratsets checked his IQ - normal for the gifted child, there is nothing extraordinary. What was unusual was the way memory works toddler.

As a rule, geeks called children whose professional skills are shown to ten years, most often in music, math, art, and chess. Theories about the origin of geeks put forward by many researchers: the genius - is the result of training or the nature? Ratsets adhere to the golden mean and believes that the need for the emergence of a few geeks conditions.

  • An exceptional memory. A study of eight talented people, published this year in the journal «Intelligence», revealed that each of them the memory runs at 99%.
  • The attention to detail comparable to people in the autism spectrum. Although gifted do not show signs of autism, have more than 50% of them in the family has an autistic.
  • A high general intelligence. Ratsets discovered that IQ geeks ranges from 100 to 147, on average - 128.

    «They're just good people».

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