Severity of famous people

Famous personalities also competed in wit.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart vs. Fan

Fan: Herr Mozart, I'm thinking to start writing a symphony. Could you suggest how do I start?
Mozart: Symphony, is a very complex musical form. Start with what some simple rhymes, and gradually complicating, move to the symphony.
Fan: But Herr Mozart, you started writing symphonies with 8 years.
Mozart: That's right. Because never, no one asked.

Calvin Coolidge vs. A woman at a dinner at the White House

Woman: Mr. Coolidge, I argued with my friend who told me that I could not pull out of you more than a couple of words. Coolidge: you lost Oscar Wilde vs. Lewis Morris

Morris: Against me there is a conspiracy - a conspiracy of silence. So what do I do? Wilde: Join Winston Churchill vs. Bernard Shaw

Shaw: I reserved for you a couple of tickets to the premiere. Come and grab someone from friends, if you have them. Churchill: At the premiere can not come, I will come to the next session, if it is Winston Churchill vs. Bessie Braddock


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