Day of the week, when you were born affects your character as much as date. Just mind-boggling!

Astrologers say that not only the date of birth has a lot to say about our character, but also the day of the week in which we were born.

Of course, all these features do not claim to absolute truth, and only in general terms, describe how certain planets affect every one of us. Also do not forget that each person is unique, and only depends on him, manifest certain characteristics in his life or not.

Monday: Moon
Born on Monday, a person is very impressionable and vulnerable, because it protects the Moon. It all feels very thin and can not live a normal life when there are a lot of grief. Man of the Moon passes through all his heart. His expertise extends to the creation, humanities, charity work with the poor and the sick. This person takes the negative energy of other people by passing it through. He often attracts the life of people like him with the predominant lunar energy. Such a person is hard, if he does not believe in God and not accept his patronage. Just because other people's suffering will pass through it without causing any harm. For such a person very important relationship with his mother, well, if a family has pets or siblings. Regardless of gender, the child has a parent lunar qualities and manifests itself in the care of others. For those born under the Moon is very important family and home. Such people are distinguished by great diligence, commitment, but also the inability to focus on pressing issues. Also, they are often assertive and adventurous, have an innate talent for music, literature and foreign languages.

Saturday: Mars
The man, whose patron is the Mars loves everything that is connected with the speed and risk. Many of the events in his life are developing rapidly, a person is very important to get quick results in everything that he does. Often, these people set a goal and do not see any obstacles to its achievement. Sometimes they suffer from their own impulsiveness, inability to stop and think. People born on Tuesday, are inherent traits such as perseverance, determination, courage, risk tolerance, the ability to achieve their goals at any cost, as well as the bravery, courage and strength. Often these people are involved in the military. The man, whose patron is the planet Mars, it is important to learn to relax and constructive way out of conflict situations. These people have a special bond with fire and metal, so they may be interested in cars, fireworks and other activities where there is contact to these materials. Their health depends on progress in the cases as they are inherent ingenuity, wit and energy.

Monday: Mercury
Mercury - the planet of youth, and so the people he protects are often very long look and feel young. For such a person very important relationships with brothers, sisters and friends. People born on Wednesday, is agile, impermanence, and the love of change. For them, a good choice of profession is teaching, writing, journalism, something to do with the accumulation and transfer of information. People of this type can be combined trudnosochetaemye traits. For example, the desire for adventure and business with the desire for justice and harmony. These people have rather good health, quickly recovering from stress.

Saturday: Jupiter
People born under the management of Jupiter, are able to think and act globally. The goals they set themselves, often characterized by grandiosity. For such people, it is important to get a good education. If they are lucky, they may become influential and respected people. Such a person will approach any profession in the field of education. We often born on Thursday in the first place is the social activities that can have a negative impact on his personal life. There is an innate predisposition for foreign languages, common urge to travel. A person who is under the protection of Jupiter, can become a spiritual teacher, preacher or philosopher. People born on Thursday, a pure soul, a good heart, they are willing to share with the neighbors last piece of bread. So people need to learn how to spend their own strength, so as not to overwork. These people are endowed with imaginative, well realize themselves as writers and artists. Different consistency, excellent organizational skills, are able to earn money. Affected stress and depression.

Friday: Venus
Nourish Venus makes the person demanding conditions of life and pushes him to a constant pursuit of pleasure. Emotion and feelings for these people are often the first place. A person born on Friday, concerned about their health and appearance. He understands women and is often found in their surroundings. The character of the people born under the influence of Venus, is controversial. It combines such features as accommodating and stubbornness, kindness and anger. People Venus are very sensitive and vulnerable, often hide from people their true opinion. They say too much, when arguing about what later regret. Well able to think logically, always happy to give good advice to another person, in this case in relation to itself these powers do not apply. If a person is born on Friday, will be born in a wealthy family, there is a risk that it will not seek to implement and will just go with the flow.

Saturday: Saturn
The life of a man who was born under the leadership of Saturn, sweet not name. He usually from childhood to pass through various trials and hardships. Born in Saturday hard to enjoy life, but he is able to treat it philosophically. The fate constantly throws all the new tests, which he could temper his spirit. Spiritual and physical stress are constant companions of man, whose patron is the planet Saturn. If the child is born on the Sabbath, we must try to grow its strong spiritually and physically. Only overcoming difficulties, he learns self-reliance, so do not rush to help him in everything. Such people often have a hard worker, willing to perform even the most difficult work. Often born on Saturday differ conservatism and love of tradition. Such a person should open as many facets of his personality as a child, because with age, it is subject to change less and less. Of those who were born on Saturday, make good bosses and economists. Their character is contradictory and full of extremes, and the fate full of ups and downs.

Sunday: Sun
People under the direction of the sun is always full of ideas, but often they do not have time to implement them, that they are happy to delegate to others. These people have good organizational skills, but still live in a world of their own fantasies. The man who was born on Sunday, may well show themselves in any creative field. These people go through life with his head and radiate optimism, but their fate greater successes than failures. Those who patronize the sun, there are bright individualists, they are often unique in their thoughts, actions and deeds. Also, people born on Sunday, seeking to live in luxury. They do not fit monotonous work and inherent character traits such as kindness, compassion, energy, leadership and unwillingness to tolerate limitations. They love change, their loneliness burden.

We hope this horoscope you added a little understanding of themselves as individuals. Not everything should be taken literally, but pay attention to the overall impact of your planet, of course, necessary. Share this horoscope with your friends, let them make sure of its veracity by example.

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