Sacrifice for the role

August 1 - the very day of memory of victims of the First World War - started work on the film "death squads." One of the main roles to play Maria Kozhevnikova, who had to shoot part with their long blond hair. Kozhevnikova shaved her head bald for the role of Faith Skrydlovoy, adjutant commander of the women's battalion. It is known that was the only woman awarded the George Cross. Maria says that for the role of "death squads" You can go to all. Let's see, what else are willing to sacrifice the actress to play the role of her dreams. Demi Moore's "GI Jane"

For the role of Lieutenant Jordan O'Neil, the only woman in a man's detachment "seals", Demi Moore not only fearlessly shaved her head, but a few months to train for SWAT training program. Her training included a steeplechase, fighting techniques, training with free weights to build muscle, mountain biking, boating, swimming and much more. As a result, despite the antipremiyu "Golden Raspberry", the film became a cult, and the scene where Demi is pressed on one hand - one of the most recognizable in the world of cinema. Charlize Theron - "Monster"

This transformation Charlize once impressed audiences and critics to the core. For the role of the first female serial killer in the United States Selby Wall Theron not only change the appearance beyond recognition. Curves of dentures, a set of 13 kilograms, the imposition of crippling makeup - it's little things that are capable of almost any actor for a good fee. But Charlize managed the impossible - for women from childhood accustomed to feel beautiful, it is difficult to truly understand the inner world and show the ugly woman with her doubts, nedolyublennosti, pain and hatred. And the Oscar in 2003 for best actress went to Charlize Theron is behind it, but not for scary makeup. Rooney Mara - "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo"

The actress, who looked like a typical "good girl" - so boring that I could not identify it on photographs. Who would have thought that Rooney will be able not only to change drastically for the sake of the cult film "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo", but also to adapt to the new way of their daily lives. For the role of Lisbeth Salander actress made a real eyebrow piercing, nose and lips dyed her hair black radical and bleached eyebrows. Daring geometric haircut left with Rooney and after the shooting - now she is included in the list of the most stylish stars, but I do not think it is boring. Cynthia Nixon - play "Wit"

The red-haired actress Cynthia Nixon - Miranda of the beloved TV series "Sex and the City" - also made great sacrifices, but not for the movie, but for the theater. Cynthia had shaved bald and much to lose weight for a role in the Broadway play "Wit." The actress played a literature professor Vivian Biaring, which is undergoing chemotherapy. Her heroine is terminally ill and is on the stage in a white hospital gown.
This topic is familiar Nixon firsthand - in 2006 she was diagnosed with breast cancer at an early stage, but, in contrast to the heroine, the actress did not have to undergo chemotherapy. The actress was convincing - the audience at the premiere of a standing ovation for several minutes after the curtain fell, the critics wrote a lot of laudatory reviews, and Nixon won a Tony for best acting. Renee Zellweger "Bridget Jones Diary"

Can we call the victim eating hamburgers, French fries and ice cream in unlimited quantities? You can, when you have to drop those extra 15 kg of weight. But Renee Zellweger has safely passed through it, and, twice. For filming the movie "Bridget Jones's Diary" actress had 6 weeks to dial the desired weight. As soon as René after the shooting with great effort to return to the previous form, it's time for the sequel "Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason." And all the first - ice cream, chips, 13 kg, shooting, weight loss. But the sacrifices were appreciated - Zellweger gained immense love of the audience, a nomination for the "Oscar" award and the British BAFTA, as many as two nominations for "Golden Globe". Not to mention the total fee of $ 18 million. For both parts of the film.



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