Sewage from the settlement of "Barvikha" flow into the Moscow river

Seventy seven million eight hundred twenty five thousand twenty eight

Moscow region Governor was asked to deal with the feces in the Moscow river.

Ex-Vice-the Governor of Moscow region and former Senator Alexei Panteleyev told about sewer wars and illegal construction in the Odintsovo district of the Moscow region, which threaten the ecology of Moscow. According to him, due to illegal construction works and related "sewer wars" in the water of the Moscow river fall feces and sewage.

In a statement in the name of the Governor of Moscow region Andrei Vorobyov said that in the decision of the Odintsovo municipal district of the district has destroyed the ecological framework protected area in the zone of sanitary protection of drinking water sources of Moscow.

The ecology of the area caused considerable damage. In particular, carried out the felling of trees and bushes for at least 300 meters along the left Bank of the river Sominka, including within the special care area. Covered with soil channel which flows into the river of the stream throughout its length from the spring "Nightingale". Destroyed protective dam along the shore of the lower reservoir of the cascade Barvikhinskaya ponds built after the flood of 50-ies of the last century, much destroyed then the railway and highway Moscow-Usovo. Part of the ground is discharged directly into the lower reservoir Barvikhinskaya ponds, but also partially changed the direction of the river Sominka 150 metres below the dam.

Also, the criminals specifically concrete sewer pipe, which leads to overflowing of manholes and the sewage and feces on the surface. At least one and a half years on the territory of the district №11, located in the HOA "cottage settlement "Barvikha" to 1.5 meter depth poured sewage, some of which have entered the aquifers. It all takes place in the immediate vicinity of the Moscow river in the zone Rublevskaya water treatment station.

The statement said that these actions occur under the direct supervision of the Board TSZH "cottage settlement "Barvikha" with the participation of commercial organizations "Vis holding" that in violation of all the laws involved in site preparation for the implementation of housing construction.

As noted, the situation cannot tolerate delay, as due to the thoughtless actions and greed at any cost by commercial organizations and individuals in jeopardy the water supply of the inhabitants of Moscow and Moscow region.

Fifty six million one hundred eighty three thousand five hundred ninety seven



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