As it is impossible to be photographed: 10 restrictions that need to be remembered and to tell the children!

It is wonderful to capture a moment of life in the photo. Such a wonderful memory for years to come. But with the advancement of technology, we have the option to take photos every second. That's just psychics claim that photos steal part of human energy and can hurt him if they are in the wrong place.


With photography involves a lot of beliefs and superstitions. Edition "Website" will tell you about the most common that can hurt you. And believe it or not — your private affair.

The rules of photography
  1. Abandoned buildings
    Don't make a photo shoot in abandoned buildings. And just not take photos on their background. This process will take away the life force, will provide the location and reduce the level of your energy.

  2. Cemetery
    And in this spooky place are willing to take pictures on the background of the graves of the dead. Even one photo can tie you to this place. Subsequently, you can very ill.

  3. Sleepers
    They say that sleepers are more susceptible to negativity, which is transmitted through the photo. And if the photos fall into the hands of detractors, it will be much easier to clean up the damage.

  4. Mirror
    Don't take a photo of ourselves and others in mirrors. As you know, these items is capable of storing all the events and energy of the people who appeared. Photo reflection pulls at you all the negative energy of those who looked at yourself in the mirror before.

  5. Waterfalls
    Experts say that the photo on the background of a waterfall can greatly hurt you. After all, the strong water flow can take away you life force. The result of this action may be very sad.

  6. Children under one year
    Don't take children under one year, and ideally before baptism. And if you can't resist not to take a nice baby, don't show photos of unfamiliar people. Because children are absolutely defenseless before any energy impacts.

  7. Save the pictures correctly
    Do not mix in one album or folder in the computer pictures of living and dead people. Thus you will create a mess, mixing different energy, and this will worsen the health of the living. If your friend is on the verge of death, do not constantly keep his photo in his hand, and take also from the prominent places. Otherwise when he dies, you will not be able to escape into another world. Such is the mystic.

  8. Personal photos
    Of course, it is difficult to imagine modern life without posting photos on social networks. But try to minimize this fact: fewer pictures in the family with material goods... Especially if you know that there are people who want to hurt you. For example, you're a very rich man or work in government.

  9. The destruction of photos
    Do not tear, do not pierce the needles, do not cut and not burn the pictures — all of this brings damage to the person who they are. Do not take a sin, even unconsciously.

  10. Photo under the clock
    They say you should never put pictures under the clock. It shortens the human lifespan.

Of course, this is a very controversial issue. After all, how many are happy and healthy people that make photo reflection in the mirror and on the background of the waterfalls. The main thing — to feel a sense of joy at the moment of photographing. Tell us in the comments how you feel about such superstitions. And don't forget to share interesting information with their friends in social networks!

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