The series for the weekend: 10 bright Prime summer. They are impossible to put down!

Lie on the soft sofa for the next few days, free time is sacred. Only here to find something worthwhile and exciting takes much more time than on the show. The editors of "Site" made up a list of new Russian TV series 2017 year for every taste.

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  1. "You're pissing me off"
    Sonia Bagretsova played by Svetlana Khodchenkova, is a journalist at a glossy fashion magazine. Girl — proud, aloof loner that interferes with her love, and on the professional front. Sonia enrage people, but despite this, she still has to adjust to them. So the heroine is always in the midst of comical and intriguing situations.

  2. "Mata Hari"
    The long-awaited premiere, and was working on a big international team of professionals, promises to be grandiose. The main role went to the star of French cinema — Wayne Giocante, the film also involved a late-Depende. The company was the best Russian actors Svetlana Khodchenkova, Aleksey Guskov, Maksim Matveev, Ksenia Rappoport.

  3. The "optimists"
    Before the audience turns a dramatic story, in which actors are the diplomats of the Soviet 60-ies. Young graduates of MGIMO are working on important issues of foreign policy of the USSR. They are full of energy and hope, original ideas and the belief that they can build a future of their own country and find their happiness.

  4. "The RAID"
    Major Andrey Ryzhov accused of a crime to which he was not involved. Having lost faith in justice, he commits suicide. But his colleagues — Oleg Kaplan, Paul Karpenko, Oksana Golikova and Fedor Wachowski — confident in the innocence of his former boss and eager to restore his good name. 4 friends decide to start their own investigation.

  5. "The city"
    In a provincial town Straneva sluchitsa unhappiness burns school teacher. Complicated case is taken to reveal the charismatic detective Rodion stocki. In addition to the unexpected grim coincidences, he discovers that Stroeve took a fancy to thieves and gangster power.

  6. "The ordeal"
    Drama series loosely based on the works of Alexei Tolstoy. The action takes place in St. Petersburg in 1914. Pre-revolutionary times, the decadents, the expectation of change... In this troubled times we live Bulavin sisters — Dasha and Kat, who are in love with the poet Alexei Bessonov. The focus of their personal life, Hobbies, heartfelt drama amid a turning point for the country.

  7. "The bridge"
    The plot revolves around the bridge between the Russian Ivangorod and Estonian Narva, which found the dead body of a woman. The police of 2 countries trying to investigate the mysterious death. The gripping plot, unexpected ending, great message — make the series one of the most fascinating detectives.

  8. "Hunting the devil"
    The series tells of the real events in the life of physicist Mikhail Filippov, who made an incredible discovery in the early twentieth century. For his invention of the hunt scouts 4 countries, after all, a scientist has developed a deadly weapon. The series shows what would have happened during the Second world war, if the opening Filippova got into the wrong hands.

  9. "Family values"
    Domestic Teletopia tells the story of a talented ballerina Anna Sand. Intrigues, worldly passions, lies and betrayal — that's what awaits the main character on the way to cherished happiness. Will she be able to survive in a world where best friends are enemies, and competitors to be successful to trample the girl?

  10. "Red band society"
    The Russian version of the Catalan series "Red band society" is set in a children's hospital. Oleg, who is already 2 years being treated for cancer, cobble together a gang of "Red band society". The life of 6 friends, with its challenges and UPS and downs, friendship and love shown easy, fun and touching.

These standing TV series definitely would not be ashamed to watch and recommend to others. Share this list with your friends to help them search for the best new TV series!

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