Shark violated exercise plan

Scientists have come up in the sea not far from Sydney, the goal was simple - to put a tag on the fish from the family of billfish in order to research, and then remove the instructional video on how to properly release the fish into the wild.
Everything turned out, tag set, the operator was willing to shoot the film, scientist holding a fish's nose and was ready to let her go, as there happened unpredictable.

1. The photographer decided to sail about 5 meters from the boat to lift the marlin from a different angle. (Al McGlashan)

2. And it is here that things have changed ... (Al McGlashan)

3. Out of nowhere appeared unexpectedly mako shark length of about 3 meters and weighing 200 kilograms in Shark instinctively threw herself on the tail of a poor fish that was still holding his nose scientist on the boat. Shark knows that if the big fish bite the tail, it will not have a chance. (Al McGlashan)

3. Shark instinctively rushed to the tail production, and El rushed to his camera. He felt that the shark was completely occupied by prey, so it relatively safe. (Al McGlashan)


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