Interesting facts about fish

Most fish for reproduction spawn, but there are several species of fish that are born ready to fry. This, for example, the great white shark.
Mudskipper - a fish that spends most of his time out of the water, and can "walk" on their own fins. In the gills at jumpers for a long time kept a small supply of water. They can also breathe through their moist skin pores.
We have a ramp 27,000 taste buds. Compared with him, a man of almost four times less - "only" 7 000.

Most brands of lipstick contain substances included in the fish scales. They give a unique luster lipstick.
Lungfish can live out of water for several years. She identifies slimy protective coating and in dry years buried in clay, drawing air through the built-in breathing tube, which comes to the surface. In lungfish have and lungs and gills.
Seahorses - it is the only species of fish that can swim in an upright position.
Some fish, such as white shark, can raise their body temperature to hunt in cold water.
Fish use sounds low tones to transmit messages to each other. They moan, growl, wheezing, chanting, hissing, whistling, squeaking and squealing. They are cracking bones and grind their teeth. However, no fish in the vocal cords. For the production of the sound they use other parts of the body, such as vibrating muscles, located opposite the swim bladder.
Schools of fish can reach the number of several million. They use their eyes and the so-called lateral line to orient their body in the pack. Lateral line consists of a series of pores that pass through the body of the fish from head to tail. Special hairs in the pores feel changes in the fluctuations of water produced by their relatives or predators.
Electric eels and rays can kill a horse for its discharge current.
The only fish species that have eyelids are sharks.
Some fish, such as herbivorous fish, often missing teeth in the jaws, but they have a throat zuboobraznye "mill", which are called pharyngeal (pharyngeal) teeth.

The oldest found fishhooks was made about 42 000 years ago.
Most marine fish flesh unsalted, but, nevertheless, there is a shark, which is the same salted meat, as well as the ocean, where they live.
Most fish distinguish colors, and uses them to camouflage or protect their own territory. Some fish are visible and polarized ultraviolet rays.

Age fishes can be determined by the growth rings on its scales. Over the years, the number of scales of a fish is not increased, she, along with the fish grow in size.
The ship keel is at the bottom and prevents it from tipping over. On the other hand, the fish has a top fin. If the twin fins stop working to maintain balance, big fish will turn up the belly, as the heavier side to seek down. This is what happens with dead fish.
On average, the flying fish can plan for 50 meters, but there were cases when some specimens were hovering 200 feet above the water. During the flight of these fish can reach a height of up to 6 meters.
Fish can ... and drown. As a man a fish to sustain life needs oxygen. If the water will dissolve little oxygen, the fish will simply suffocate.
Most species do not have a "reverse". Swim tail forward can only some members of the order of acne.
The biggest fish in the world - a giant whale shark, which can grow up to 18 meters, which is approximately equal to the length of two school buses. Its weight can reach 25 tons, and it feeds on plankton. Do whale shark teeth more than 4 thousand, although their length - only 3 millimeters.
The most venomous fish in the world is Synanceiidae or fish-stone. The bite of the sea monster is a shock, paralysis, and even death, if in the first few hours after poisoning do not take action.
The word "piranha" comes from the Tupi Indian language, living in Brazil (sounds «pira nya»), which means "scissors". This fish that lives in fresh water rivers of South America, is sharp as a razor blade teeth. Piranhas usually feed on fish, insects, seeds, fruits of plants and even animals such as horses. Although the evidence that they do not kill people, they do eat human corpses.
Fish is the fastest sailboat. She can swim at the speed of the car, take the highway.
The slowest fish - a sea horses that are moving so slowly that, looking at them from the side, we can say that they are dormant. The slowest of them is considered a dwarf seahorse, which is one hour covers the distance of 1, 5 meters.
Some fish do not have scales. For example, the shark has a rough, like sandpaper, skin.
In Japan, puffer fish - this is an exceptional, but deadly delicacy. It contains tetrodotoxin, which is a deadly poison. However, fugu is so tasty that Japanese gourmets, risking their lives, prepare it. To serve this dish, Japanese chef must have a certificate of special schools where they teach the art of making this poisonous fish.
Male Emperor angelfish has up to five females in his harem. If the "head of household" dies, one of the female turns into a male and takes the place of his predecessor.


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